Writing Process, Lady Blue

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Well, I told you about the Nova Series books and now it’s time to move on to another. As per request, I will now tell you about the books in the Children of the Goddess series. First up is my best selling book so far. Lady Blue.

Lady Blue by Prudence MacLeod


Lady Blue was written and self published a few years ago under the title of Gifted.  It was inspired by not one, but two news stories that outraged me. The first was the story of a teenage girl who committed suicide because she saw it as the only way to escape the bullying. The second was a story about young girls being kidnapped and forced into the sex trade. Unable to do much else about these things, I created a goddess and gave her a young woman to help. The goddess blessed the girl with exceptional gifts then sent her against the bullies and terrorists.

I was quite proud of Gifted and content to leave it as a stand alone book. However, I eventually gave in and agreed to update the book a bit, give her a new cover, edit, and publisher. The result was a strong demand for a sequel, but, that’s a story for next time. Until then, enjoy the series, especially the latest addition, Lady Seeker.

Lady Seeker Front


Pick up a copy of Lady Seeker today because the Watcher and the Warrior isn’t far away. I’m just about to send the manuscript off to the editor in another day or two.

So, next time I’ll tell you about how I came to write Lady Justice. Now that’s a story.



2 thoughts on “Writing Process, Lady Blue

  1. Well this was another good addition to the series. I thought she was making the seeker to help her find more priestesses, but this worked out well. Can not wait to read the watcher and warrior. You are awesome Prudence!!!!!!

    1. Hi Thurman, thanks. I gotta give you a few surprises, right? Okay, keep an eye out for Watcher and Warrior late this month or next. It’s the follow up to Seeker. After that one there’ll be a long break before I get back to this series.

      Glad you enjoyed Seeker.


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