Wow, This Is Cool!

Hey folks, just wanted to tell you about the news. We’ve been working on improving the covers for the St. John’s Series and our cover artist did a bang up job of upping the visibility factor. You can find more of her work here:


Now for our new covers.  First is Calan, book one of the series. Check this out!



Next is Angela, book two in the series.



And Clan MacLeod, book three in the St. John’s Series.



These new covers are so much more eye catching than what we had before. Now, if you think that’s all, think again. In the next few days we’ll be launching Book six of the Children of the Goddess series. Fallen Angel: the Dark Priestess. This is the best one yet so get ready!

Well that’s it for today.

May you all be blessed this day.


Your thoughts?

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