Working Alone?

Hi folks,

It occured to me today that, oddly enough, I’m not the only one who works at home … alone.  So many writers, and artists do so as well.  For the most part it’s a good thing as it gives us the opportunity to let out creative imaginations fly free.

However, as so many of you also know, it’s not like that every day.  Some days it’s like this:

Yeah, and other days it worse.   I don’t know about any of you, but I’m willing to bet that, like me, some days some of you’d kill for some adult company, even if for just a chat over tea, anything to see another human face.

I’m lucky, my lady love will soon close her shop in the city and move everything to her home studio, but for today, I’m sulking. (Writer’s block sucks, perhaps I’ll switch to knitting for today.)

I could be wrong, I guess.  How about you?  Any of you ever get like that?

3 thoughts on “Working Alone?

  1. Building community takes effort when you work alone but it is worth the time investment. As I transition from working in a collective environment with other artisans to working exclusively out of my home studio I have to commit to spending time in the company of other creative people. Sometimes that will mean having coffee and catching up, attending a workshop, going to an exhibit opening, doing a market or craft show. I’m curious what others do to nurture community?

  2. My online writer friends (like you!) help keep me from becoming a total recluse. I should take up needlework again, for those moments (some of which last a day or two) when the words aren’t flowing.

    1. I knit, walk, endless hours on World of Warcraft, play guitar, anything to keep from going starkers. 🙂

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