Wolf At The Door

Hey folks,

This may come as a surprise, but I’m happy to tell you there a wolf at the door. Actually, it’s Children of the Wolf at the door, or at a book seller near you. This one has been in the works for a long while, but has finally arrived on the shelves. Children of the Wolf is the sequel to Immortal Tigress. It is the story of a people discovered and destroyed by modern society. With their complete demise in sight they turn to the only one who might be willing to help them, the Vampire King. Check it out.

Children Of The Wolf Front


Here’s a quick peek between the pages.

He nodded and knelt across the body from her. Kylie gasped as Ella gashed her own wrist and let the blood drip on the charred lips of the corpse. “By the blood of the mother. Live again.”

Harald nodded then gashed his own wrist, holding it out so the dripping blood would reach her lips. “By the blood of the brother. Live again.”

The body stirred slightly and moaned softly. Ella grabbed the arm of her captive, slashing it open with a fang. The blood flowed freely onto Gudrun’s hungry lips. “By the blood of the killer. Live again. Rise up my daughter.”

Happy reading. Hope you enjoy the book.

Row80 check-in


Okay, so I’ll confess I’ve been on a roll lately. The target for this round was 60K words, or a complete first draft of 60=K words. The tally as of this morning was 52K.

I’ll be the first to admit this is a fast first draft and will need to be set aside for a while then approached with fresh eyes for a good tidying up.

So, that’s me. Here’s hoping you folks are also reaching or exceeding your goals for this round.



3 thoughts on “Wolf At The Door

  1. Wow, talk about being on a roll! Of course, you’ll need to look at it again, but it’s so much better to have words to work with instead of a blank screen, with that damned cursor highlighting the blankness so helpfully.

    The sequel to Immortal Tigress looks interesting, too.

    1. Hi Elizabeth, thanks. The way I write I have to go with the flow because eventually it will stop and I’ll be back to a crawl. Hope everything is bright and shiny in your world.

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