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Hi folks, the following is a repeat of a guest post I did a while ago. I am re-posting it here to answer a number of questions that have been asked of me recently.
Why I write what I write.
Let me tell you how I came to have a passion for writing what I write. Many years ago a dear friend, a psychologist, suggested I write a self-help book. She knew that I wrote fantasy and sci-fi, but so loved my life philosophy, she felt I should share it on a broader scale.
So I tried, and failed. I’d get a couple of chapters then I’d delete them. It was all so dry and boring that even I couldn’t stand to read it. I gave it a number of attempts over a couple of years, all with the same results. It was so bad it would gag a maggot, as my brother would say.
Yet the idea still held appeal, and since I’d left the speaking engagements behind, I did want to share what I had learned over the years. Finally, one night, as we sat with a friend well into the wee hours of the morning, convincing her to stay in this world, I hit on a plan.
The next day I began to write a romance novel. Not a romance like any other, but something completely different. I threw the characters together early, then let them tackle life as a couple. As the story unfolded, I let these characters show how to develop a strong loving relationship. One that would continue to grow stronger and with a deeper love, as time went by. The story was an immediate hit with friends, but I couldn’t sell it to a publisher, and I have the rejection letters to prove it.
The rejections didn’t stop me though. I continued to write these romances and pass them to folks I felt could benefit from them. Everyone loved them. Over the years I have written a good many of these romances, and I have added a few twists and turns to them from time to time. Most have a lesbian these, as that is what I am most familiar with, but I have also thrown in trans people, gay men, straight people, rednecks, and folks with physical handicaps.
Why do I continue to do it? Since I began self publishing these stories, I have been getting feedback from people who say these novels have helped them, and that they enjoyed the stories. I hope I can open a few eyes, hearts and minds.
The idea here is to give people a window into a greater world in a safe and sane way, through the lives of ordinary people. Ordinary folk all have the stuff of heroes in them, and I try to showcase that. You will always get a happy ending from me because I whole heartedly believe in them.
I was an abused child, and I spent over twenty-six years in an emotionally abusive marriage, but I rose above that to create a wonderful, happily ever after, life. You can too, I have put the instruction into my romance stories. The characters in my stories are all pieces of folks I have met and shared life histories with. There’s been lots of mixing and matching, but there’s a lot of real life in there, a lot of hard won insights.
The Universal Life Force Energy (The Force) loves balance in all things, so I also write fantasy, urban fantasy, and sci-fi because I love the stuff. I do it as much for my own entertainment as I do for yours.
This is a piece of my peaceful world. The only song I listen to here is the song of the wind, the pounding of the surf in the distance, and the cries of the birds in the air. It is a good world, I like it here. It inspires me to write more stories to help folks find peace within themselves.
Thanks for allowing me this venue to express some of this.
Blessings be upon you all.  Prudence

22 thoughts on “Why I do What I do

  1. Thanks for sharing this bit of yourself. I love how you say you put instructions to a happily ever after in your stories. What a beautiful gift! Thanks for being YOU!

  2. I also love stories with a happy ending. I think that fiction is a great medium for people to learn & grow through. Non-fiction can be dull & you usually have to admit you have a problem before you go buy a self-help book. But fiction can be a lesson without us even realizing. Good strategy.

  3. I love it. The advice "write what you know" in practice. I've thought about writing romances that grow with time, but I haven't gotten there yet. My own marriage is still young, we've only been together 10 years.

    I think there should be more lesbian romance. i wish I could write it, but the one lesbian story that I have my head (well more, queer by choice story) never works out when I put it on paper.

    Very great to be able to do what you love.

  4. Thank you for sharing your story! I can personally attest that your novels make a very big difference in my life. I've been jaded about life and humans in general since I was a child, but I felt hope that there might just be some good people out there after all when I read your stories. It gave me the motivation to begin searching for more personalities of a similar nature to catalog for other people to find as well. I love the way the relationships start out strong, and then grows stronger throughout the story. I'm one of those people who can't stand to see people fighting with each other, especially loved ones. I really like the way each story keeps the couples united against the world, instead of fighting each other as well as the world. It almost seems like we program ourselves through literature and other media to expect unhappy relationships, and to just accept that a relationship will be an uphill battle no matter who you choose to be with. I think if we were saturated with media that showed how couples worked together as they do in your stories, people in our world might learn to live in harmony with their spouses. There are a lot of difficult choices people have to make in life, but knowing you have someone who will always love you no matter happens, takes a lot of the sting out of the process.

    Then again, I'm just preaching from the pew, since I've never really had any experience with such things;-) I do know that I absolutely love the way you write, and I am very grateful for having found your work;-)

  5. Alyssa, thanks again for the kind words. You say you haven't had much experience with this, but, now that you're more aware of the possibilities that may change. Just be open to the idea and keep your eyes open. Oh yeah, in that vein, I recommend "Ten Day Turnaround" Lots of "how to" in there.

  6. Thanks for sharing this. You not only write what you know, you know who you are and you write to inspire. Who could possibly ask for more? (those publishers who rejected can't see past their corporate directives missed a good thing.)

  7. Pru, I wanted to say something funny, because that's the way I look at life, but you kinda 'put the slop down where the hogs can get at it' … as my daddy would say when someone expressed something heartfelt … so, I'm left with just giving you kudos for being a good person.

  8. Thanks for sharing this! It goes to show that we can really make a difference when we write something that really matters, and sometimes fiction is the perfect vehicle for that expression. Someone who needs help may not be willing to pick up a self-help book, but they'll read a story.

  9. I happened to stumble upon your blog today and I tell you, it has been nothing but sheer pleasure. This post was a delight. I think I really needed it at the moment. It is a blessing that you know what you want to write and do that with success!:)
    I wish i could write what i wanted to. Some stories just do not present themselves on paper the way they should and therefore lose their significance.
    Keep it up Prudence! I intend to visit your blog more often from now on!

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