Why a Publishing House.

Hi folks,

Well, as I posted earlier this week, I have signed a contract with Shadoe Publishing. ( http://shadoepublishing.com/ ) 

Well you may ask why, as I have been preaching the gospel of self publishing for years. Here’s the story.

Self publishing is a lot of work, albeit incredibly rewarding. Life, however, sometimes demands your attention be elsewhere. Thus it has been for me this past year. It reached the point where I was faced with perhaps having to give it up altogether.

Enter Shadoe Publishing. I’ve spoken with publishers before and remained unimpressed. Not so much this time. This lady spent more time telling me what she was willing to do for me  as well as making it clear what was expected of me.

It seemed like the right fit at the right time, soooo, now I am officially with a publisher. You can expect a few changes in how and when books come out, but the great news is, everything will soon be available in paperback too.

Okay, that’s it for now. I’ll keep you posted on all new developments as they arise.


Your thoughts?

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