Which One is Real

Hi folks,

Well, last time I asked you about how you deal with an excess of alone time.  We all know sometimes it’s a blessing, and other times a curse.  This time, however, I have another confession for you.

I talk to the characters in my head, it’s part of my writing process.  Some days it’s hard to tell who is real and who is the character.

Yeah, sure, laugh if you must, but I’ll bet some of you do it too.  Heck, sometimes they’re better company anyway, besides, they tell great stories.

Yep, that pic is me getting caught talking to one of my characters.  Busted.

Lately I’ve been sharing some of that silliness on Facebook in the posts I call the Writer and her Characters.  I post three or four times a week, check it out.

All right now, fess up, you talk to your characters too, admit it.




5 thoughts on “Which One is Real

  1. I talk non stop to my characters. I get more sense out of them when I’m stuck on a plot. I just wish they wouldn’t bombard my brain at 3am.

    1. I agree, Carol. THe three a.m. brainstorming session is a bit extreme, but they happen. (like last night)

  2. Conversation-habits good and bad-always in my head before I can capture them in print. Alone time is normal and filled with all manner of activities, thoughts and food.

  3. Guilty as charged. I’ll “write” in bed before ever turning on the lights, chatting them up to see if I’m ready for the computer.

    1. Hi Mary, oh lord, I do that as well. It depends on “who” wakes me up what I’ll be working on. 🙂

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