Whale Pics

Sorry folks, but I had to take down the pics of the whales. I’ll keep my eye out and see if I can get a few of my own.

Okay, I have had several requests for whale pictures. Here they are. Now, I will readily admit I did not take these actual pictures, nor am I aware of the sources. However, I have seen similar sights more than once since moving to this island. As soon as I get a better camera I will begin hunting for pics of my own. In the mean time, the best time for whale watching is late June, and July. Living here you could easily see whales or dolphins from the cliffs or from the decks of the ferry boats. Enjoy!

This is the most common sight, the back and fin.
Large fins as she rolls on her back.
This is a breach. The most impressive I have ever seen was in 2004 off the coast of St. Anthony. The big beast actually came fully out of the water. Wow, that was so impressive.
Bye for now.

8 thoughts on “Whale Pics

  1. Look at you Prudence. Your public demands it and you deliver! Great pics of the whales. My husband and I were staying on the coast of Maui several years ago in March which is their whale season. Magnificent! It is awe inspiring. What awesome creatures. Thanks for posting Pru! 🙂

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