Weirdness, sometimes it can work in your favor. Take yesterday for example. Every time you move to a new home, the closet ogres hide things from you. These things may never be seen again, no matter what you do or how hard you search. Yesterday it was my cookie cutters. I’ve had them forever, but no longer. We hunted high and low, but all to no avail.
By evening we had abandoned the search; obviously the ogres had struck again. We have a number of odd socks, three left handed gloves, and now no cookie cutters. We’re on the lookout for a one legged, one armed, closet ogre who likes to bake. She will be the one who has our stuff. Ah well.
Since I had no cookie cutters, I didn’t feel like baking. “Are you going to bake cookies anyway? K asked.
“Nope, I don’t feel like it. I guess this will help me stay on my diet,” I sulked.
“Do you mind if I bake brownies?”
“Those chocolate ones you make that are to die for?”
“Yes, I have to take some to work this week.”
“By all means, be my guest.”
“You can’t eat them, they’re for work.”
“Ok.” Deep sigh and pouty face.
Dang they smelled good coming out of the oven, but I behaved myself and left them alone. I can be strong when I have a mind to. Eventually I went to bed, but K stayed up to work on her knitting. I was almost asleep when I heard a soft voice. “Hey Sweetie, you still awake?”
“Yes, I think so.”
“Sit up in bed for a moment.”
“Ok, what’s up?”
“I just couldn’t leave you like that,” K smiled as I struggled up in the bed. She passed me a small glass of milk and one of the brownies. What can I say folks, I’m spoiled rotten and I love it. I went to sleep with a smile on my face and chocolate on my lips. Life is good.

7 thoughts on “Weirdness

  1. How nice! I love chocolate, and brownies in particular. But, I have to ask…did you brush your teeth after the brownie or go to bed and let the cavaties start? Maybe I'm showing my own weirdness, but it just worries me that you would skip brushing. Could be all the dental work I've had recently. A root canal will make you think twice about skipping the flossing step.

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