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In this writer’s world you just never know what weirdness is going to happen. For example, a book I wrote a numbers of years ago, Hell Comes Home, had started getting a lot of attention on the FB page. Cool, but weird, since I haven’t promoted it for some time.

I’ll be the first to admit, I like the story, it’s one of my personal favorites and I re-read it once or twice a year. It does need a new cover, and a new edit couldn’t hurt (never can), but, all in all, it’s worth a look. Here’s where to find it, maybe you can see what’s stirring up the interest.


Also, keep an eye out for the next book in the Forgotten Worlds series (SUVI series) We’re just waiting for a cover. Here’s a bit of what to expect in FLEET:

When you’re lost and alone you must put aside any hope of succor and become a scavenger, a hunter/gatherer, scrounge, sift through the debris life has left behind, seek out that which you need to survive.  The trick is to remain whole, to keep some sort of moral compass, to find that one line you will not cross.  This is now what faces the people of the last star ship Reacher.

Okay, so it’s back to work for me. What am I working on? Actually, it’s two stories, the sequel to PUSHBACK and the next SUVI story after FLEET.

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