Week in Review

Hi Folks,

Well, another week has passed as summer slips away. K’s knee is making great progress. She no longer uses the walker and the cane is not always in use either.

Is it sad that it has taken a full knee replacement for us to get some relaxing time together? We all tend to lead busy lives these days and her job is a high stress treadmill. We’d actually forgotten how much we enjoy just hanging out together.

The garden:
This is the coldest summer since somewhere in the 1970’s. All gardens have suffered. Mine is struggling, but slowly starting to show some promise. Many of the warm loving plants are a write off, but what can you do? On the brighter side I have learned a ton of useful things and will be applying them to see if I can salvage anything from this year.

The lettuces are starting to look good. (The first crop nearly froze to death and refused to grow higher than my thumb.) The potatoes are flourishing and the rhubarb plans to take over the world. I’ll have lots more pictures in the weeks to come.


On the writing front I have barely managed 1500 words, but I have done some tidying up of several different things I’m working on. I have also had new ideas for several new novels. I need to find a way to increase my output by several thousand words per day. Sigh
My publisher tells me Lady Blue is still selling well and that a sequel would be nice. I have a few ideas running through my head right now. Once the snows fall again I expect to be a busy girl at the keyboard.

So, that’s it for this week. I hope everything is going well for all of you and that you are surrounded by smiling faces and happy hearts in the coming week.



6 thoughts on “Week in Review

  1. It good that you were able to spend time together and glad to hear her knee is doing much better. And sorry yo hear that your garden suffered. It was certainly a strange summer of cool and wet. Just the way it goes sometimes.

    Hope you week is more productive!!

  2. I think it would be a lot sadder if the knee replacement didn't trigger you to spend quality time together. May you enjoy every second you can, especially as healing progresses and more is possible.

    Your rhubarb comment made me chuckle. Here, it's been the opposite – hot and dry in May, wet in June, hot and dry in July….we got a downpour yesterday, and my wilitng beans and flowers perked right up!

  3. Yeah, it has taken these past couple of weeks for me to truly see how much I have missed this lady. These high stress jobs like hers truly ruin a person. We're working on a way for her to retire early now.

    For the garden, it was so cold in June and July that most seed just rotted in the ground or didn't germinate until late. What has managed to grow is starting to take hold now though.

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