Wednesday on the Fly

Today was a day on the fly, but a successful day nonetheless. Last night we had a dump of snow, and since I planned a trip to town today, I know what was in the works. I rolled out early to see this sort of thing.
A few hours, quick breakfast, and a half cup of coffee later, we were ready to head for the boat. That’s when we discovered the windshield wiper on the driver’s side was busted. Oh goodie. Ah well, had to go for it. We got to the line-up and Charis squeegeed the window. That got us to a place we could buy a replacement which she installed for me. Gods, how I love a handy girl.

A few more hours, a series of adventures in finding our way around, and the errands were done and we were on the way home.  My point here is that I didn’t get a lot of writing done today, but I am still on track. So, first a teaser, then the ROW80 check-in.
“Miss Balfour?”


“I am Robert Hanlon, your father’s representative here in Toronto.”
“How nice for you,” she responded evenly as she moved to go around him.

“You will come with me please, Miss Balfour,” he demanded as he stepped to block her path and reached for her arm.

Annie turned those eyes of ice and fire on him, and he took an involuntary step backward.  “I will not.  Block my path again, and I will scream bloody murder.”  She stepped around him and headed straight toward a sign that proudly proclaimed, Air Canada.

“Wait, Miss Balfour, you can’t…”  His protest was lost as she marched away.  Robert Hanlon hurried after her, but somehow got tangled up in an old woman’s cane and sprawled headlong, the old woman falling atop of him in the process.  By the time he picked himself up, Annie had her ticket to Halifaxand had vanished from sight. 

The ticket agent gave him her chosen destination, and was obviously perplexed as to why anyone would go through security three hours early, but that’s where she was going.  He shouted as he raced after her, and as she reached the security gate, she turned to him with a cold smile. 

Annie laughed as, in his haste to catch her, he bumped into a tall redheaded student with wild looking braids.  Both he and the girl went sprawling, but the girl was up first, kicking him on the shins.  “Why the hell don’t you watch where you’re going, eh?” she shouted as she kicked him again.  “Asshole, son-of-a-bitch…”  

The girl punctuated each epitaph with another kick at him, and he was howling in pain.  As the security guards came running up, the redhead angrily proclaimed that this guy had tried to grope her breast.  Annie chuckled as he was hauled off, protesting his innocence all the way.

Now for the ROW80 check in:

1.      Write 10,000 words per week. (I’m just over 6000 since Sunday’s check-in. I’m going to get it this time.)
2.      Read 10,000 words per week. (working on it.)
3.      Edit ten pages of a completed MS. (Got it done for this week.)
4.      Feature a new author every Friday (I don’t have anybody lined up for Friday yet, but if I don’t get a volunteer I’ll post a new excerpt  of something I’m working on.)
5.      Read and comment on 10 blogs per week. (I’m at about six so far. Looking good for this week.)
Folks, if you are an author and want to be featured on this blog, just drop me a line here:
Well, that’s it for the Wednesday, folks.  So, how are you all doing? Are you having any fun this week?

4 thoughts on “Wednesday on the Fly

  1. Hi Prudence, it looks like Kait has hit some trouble and we have no mid-week check-in. So no one is left out, please come over to our Facebook group and leave a link to your check-in post and we will be over to visit. The page address is Alternatively, email me at and I'll pass your post on. I know Facebook isn't everyone's cup of tea!

    Should we have no Linky on Sunday, we'll just keep working this way until things sort themselves out.

    Cate (Round 1 Sponsor)

  2. Hi Cate, thanks for the info. I was wondering what had happened. No worries girl, I had already posted my link on the Facebook page. Don't want to repeat, don't want to be shot for spam. tee hee. I hope stuff gets sorted out okay.

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