War on the Poor? Really?

Hi folks,

Well, here I am back in the rocking chair and ready to rant. I’ll just put down my book and glasses here then let ‘er rip.

All right, here are a few of the headlines I’ve been reading on Facebook lately. Most are only proposed laws for now, but the message is clear. Poor people must die.

“People with food stamps forbidden to buy steak or sea food.”  What the hell? We give them food stamps then forbid them to buy nourishing food? They have to buy pre-processed crap? What the hell is that about?

“People on welfare forbidden to use public pools.”
Really? Are they not humans? Are they not citizens of the country? Are they not to have the same rights as the rest of the citizenry? Fer fuk sake!

“People applying for welfare to be drug tested.” What??? They can’t afford drugs for pity sake. Test the upwardly mobile, that’s where you’ll find the users, not on welfare. Good Christ!

“Man fined $2000 for feeding the homeless.” Seriously? Why the hell are the true Christians not out in the streets protesting this madness? For that matter, why aren’t the rest of us?

Okay, I’ll stop now before my blood pressure goes over the top and I blow a gasket. But I have to go on record here. This crap really rubs my fur the wrong way.

ROW80 check-in:

Yesterday went a few steps sideways, but I still have four thousands words towards the goal of ten thousand this week. Shoulder to the wheel and I can still make it.
It actually feels good to be writing again.

So, drop me a line and let me know how you’re doing. I’d love to hear from you.


4 thoughts on “War on the Poor? Really?

  1. Shoulder to the wheel, indeed. Pru. You'll make up any sidestep, I know.

    All the headlines rub my fur the wrong way, too. When we lived in Florida a few years back, there was a fuss over a fellow at a local church who was feeding too many homeless. I had to read the headline four times–Wha??? Yes, the city allowed him to feed a certain number of homeless every day, and when the officials found he wasn't turning people away, he got in trouble. *shaking my head*

    Elizabeth Anne Mitchell

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