Waiting on Wednesday

Here we are at Wednesday already. Wow, where has the week gone? Anyway, I can tell you where my morning went. It went to a line of waiting impatient patients.
I went in to the local health center to get my blood drawn for my check-up. Yep, one glance at the waiting room told me that wasn’t going to be a quick trip. An hour later and a few chapters read I got my turn. Wow, it turned out to be a quick trip after all, or so I thought.
I sat in the big high-chair, made small talk about the weather with the nurse, gave up several vials of blood and was seriously looking forward to my first coffee of the day. Wrong. With a pleasant smile she handed me the kit and pointed me toward the washrooms. Yep, urine sample required.
Well, bugger and damn, a urine sample? I’ve had nothing to eat since yesterday and no water since midnight, and I emptied my bladder before I left the house. You’ve got to be kidding me.
Okay, I gave it a shot. I spent fifteen minutes in the restroom with the water running in the sink. Nope, no go, and no coffee for me until I do. Grr  Several gallons of water later and another hour reading I was able to satisfy my obligations to the medical system and had my first cup of coffee for the day. Oh, how sweet it is!

Sigh! Alright, time for that teaser from Assassin of Nova that I promised. Assassin is the second novel in the Nova series following Novan Witch. Watch for it to be published in early February.

“When you are fully aware that death stalks you, only then are you truly alive.” Rathbone of Urn the Elder.
* * * * *
“I spared no expense to help you assemble your team, Doctor. You were supposed to give me super soldiers, not dead bodies.”
“Mr. O’Loran, Sir, I did try to warn you; we need to hold back a bit with the strength of the mechanical augments. By pushing the boundaries so hard we made them too strong. Their bodies are tearing themselves apart. Four of the nine are already dead and I doubt the rest can survive more than a few more days.”
“This is unfortunate, most unfortunate.”
“Sir, with what we’ve learned from this trial, we can assure you of complete success with the next series.”
“Very well; terminate the rest and start over.” The tall man turned and stalked away. “Do not fail me again, Doctor.” His voice faded as he stepped into the elevator.
A powerfully built man had been hiding in the shadows, listening, his instincts screaming at him to run. He slipped silently away as those elevator doors closed. He had just heard his death warrant issued, and he didn’t plan to stick around for it to be carried out.
Now for the ROW80 check-in.
1.      Write 10,000 words per week. (I’ve got 5K so far. Rolling right along.)
2.      Read 10,000 words per week. “Yep, did that this morning. No problem.)
3.      Edit ten pages of a completed MS. (Nothing done here. I’d better get at it.)
4.      Feature a new author every Friday. “No one lined up yet.)
5.      Read and comment on 10 blogs per week. (I’m almost there at eight so far. No worries.)
Folks, if you are an author and want to be featured on this blog, just drop me a line here:  prudymac@gmail.com
So, how was your day folks? I hope you had a better start to yours. 

11 thoughts on “Waiting on Wednesday

  1. Oh, my! What a day you had…. I think we can all relate though. There are just those days where it seems like we're never getting enough done because of one little thing.

    Glad to see everything else is going well. And the excerpt… ooh!

  2. So they weren't just happy with getting your blood, huh? Sounds like a Monty Python sketch. At least you got some reading done. Sounds like you had a pretty good week as well. Hope you have a better one this week.

  3. Hi John, no the beasts wanted more than blood. I wanted to say "Piss off." but didn't think they had a sense of humor, so I restrained myself. hee hee I am hoping to get caught up this week. Thanks for the encouragement.

  4. Yep, everything came out in the end. sigh Had another such day today. four hours waiting to get in to see the doctor only to be told I am completely healthy. Yup, worth the wait.

    So happy I have intrigued you with the excerpt. Yeah, I know… working, working. tee hee hee

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