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The subject of today’s post is vampires. A few years ago vampires were all the rage, but the stories just weren’t quite grabbing me. A friend kept challenging me to write a vampire story with a new twist. Sure. Nothing to it, right?

One day I was watching a TV show with a saber toothed tiger loose in the modern world. The cat’s powerful, yet almost liquid movements caught my eye, Okay, now you see where this post is going. this book was the result of that challenge and inspiration.



Here’s a peek inside:

In the beginning there was need. She was only dimly aware of the world around her, a world filled with wonder, and yet fraught with danger. She was only aware of need; the need for food, for drink, safety from attack, fire for warmth and protection.

As she grew there came a new need, a need to mate, but that was not to be, for she had grown too tall and strong too quickly, and thus she was shunned by the others. Eventually she became insistent and was driven away from the clan, for her sheer size and strength frightened them.

Okay, that’s the first two paragraphs. Get your copy today.


Because there’s a sequel, plus I’ve just written the third in the series. Look for it to appear in the coming days.




Your thoughts?

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