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Hi folks,

For those of you following the aftermath of my beloved’s heart attack, here an update.  After not one, but two heart attacks, with two open heart surgeries, all is well.  K is now at home, convalescing.  We’re facing a long road ahead, but thankfully we’ll get to make that journey together.

Now, on another bright note, I’ve been telling you of my two best sellers, SUVI and Lady Blue.  Well, Lady Blue is being translated into Portuguese and I believe there’s an audio book in the works.   Haven’t read it?  Well, now’s the time.  Here’s where to find Lady Blue.


Lady Blue is book one of a seven book series, all books are finished and are available at all major book sellers.  Happy reading.

Also, I’ve been threatening you with the next book in the Forgotten Worlds series.  (Sequel to SUVI)  I may give you a peek into the story on my next post.  Stay tuned.

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