Up on the Roof

It was an odd sort of day today.  Started out by shooing K off to the city, then walking the dogs at high speed.  K’s brother was coming to help install roof vents in the cottage, and I had to hurry the walk to get back home on time.  I just made it in time, four dogs looking at me like, “Geez mom, what’s with the four forty on a sunny day?”

Ah well, it had to be done.  While the boys lay on the grass panting, Matt and I went inside and made a list of the things we’d need, then I set out to the hardware store to pick them up.  A short while later, we were up on the roof.

It is a strange experience, just sitting quietly on a roof, soaking up the sun, the view, and the gentle breeze.  The world looks very different from up there; a bird’s eye view, if you will. Matt worked dilligently, while I sat and passed him tools and such, my mind wandering through strange and alien realms.  I couldn’t help it, it was the view and the setting.  I saw alien creatures, wars, airships of all descriptions, etc.  Gods,  the wanderings of a writer’s mind.

In spite of all the “help” Matt managed to do a stellar job in record time.  I not only got new roof vents, but several ideas for new books as well.  Perhaps the next time I hit writer’s block, I’ll just go up and sit on the roof for a while.  That might work.

Your thoughts?

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