Under Pressure

I’ve always said I work better under pressure. I even used to have a poster of a guy in a duck press, saying, “Go ahead, turn the screw, I work better under pressure.” on the wall of my office. So, when I first started hearing about a novel writing challenge, I of course entered, then set up several other things to get done at the same time. Some are writing goals, others are winterizing projects around the home.  Let me tell you how this works.
Yesterday I got up early, fed the dogs, made breakfast, shooed K off to work, did my household chores, got dressed and walked the dogs. After a coffee break in which I caught up on my e-mail, I inspected the rat traps, disposed of the body, cleaned out two truck loads of junk from under the house and took them to the dump. I then hunted up a guy who makes fancy wooden garbage boxes, bought one, took it home, and wrestled it into place at the end of the driveway.
I went back inside for a coffee, but I smelled something foul; the toilet was leaking around the base. Grrr  Yep, went and got a new wax ring, removed the toilet, cleaned and dried the mess, installed the new wax seal, replaced the toilet. Then I had coffee. After the coffee I showered and dressed up a bit, time to write.
I managed to get dinner as well as write over three thousand words. The novel challenge is for 50,000 words in thirty days. If I can keep the pressure on, I can do it.  How? Ok, confession time. When life gets like this I don’t watch television, ever. I don’t read newspapers or listen to the radio. I will sneak in a few chapters of a book now and then, but that’s it.
So, why did I put myself in a mess like this at this age? Simple, because I want to know if I can do it, and the only way is to keep the pressure on. If I had nothing else to do I’d probably park my ass in front of the television too often and fail miserably.
Morale of the story? Know thy self, warrior, know thy self and enjoy.
Now, how many of you are signed up for this and how do you plan to cope? I’d truly love to know.

13 thoughts on “Under Pressure

  1. Tee hee, I thought that might get a few folks. Don't get me wrong, I believe all creatures have a right to life, but I also have the right to defend my home against invaders. I chased him around and let the dogs chase him, then gave him 24hrs to leave.
    Alas, poor rat, I don't know him Horatio, nor did I want to. :))

    Thanks for stopping by Jamie.

  2. It's just my opinion but the only rodents allowed to live need to reside at least five miles from my house. Yuck!

    And pardon me while I faint after reading your schedule. I work better under pressure, too…however I'm afraid THAT kind of pressure would result in a vacation at the local funny farm.

    Glad I'm not the only one with bathroom issues. The new commode, fresh from Home Depot, is awaiting installation tomorrow. 🙂

  3. Hi Kristy, today wasn't nearly so hectic. Good thing, 'cause I don't have the gas for it. It was busy, but far more normal. When I realized all I had managed in one day I just had to blog it. 🙂
    Thanks for stopping by.

  4. I read the whole thing, but I'm still focusing on "Yep, went and got a new wax ring, removed the toilet, cleaned and dried the mess, installed the new wax seal, replaced the toilet. Then I had coffee."

  5. I am in awe… complete awe. You disposed of the body yourself AND installed a new wax seal for the toilet.

    (Suddenly getting the laundry done doesn't feel like a big deal…)


    You win the "incredible woman of the day" award.

    And kudos to you on the word count!

    (from the Write-Brained network and one of your NaNo buddies)

  6. It is definitely a strange phenomenon; the busier we are, the more we feel motivated to do. I feel very motivated right now to get as far away from Phoenix as I can, lol. Good job on your writing!

  7. Tracy, thanks, I guess I should confess though, my laundry has piled up and the dust bunnies are forming a union. I need to be twins. 🙂

    J, conference over yet? Have you made a break for the border?

  8. Hmmm…waxing…I'll have to tell my sister about the new term, lol. She's a beautician.

    You definitely know how to take care of the maintenance around the house, from building studios to weeding out the rats and tearing into the throne of power.

    I remember in one of your books, Mildred and Cecile, one of the nurses told Mildred she needed a man, and she said, "Oh, is my roof leaking? Is my sink blocked?" Now here you are doing a man's work around your house. I thought you were above this equal rights stuff and knew where a male's rightful place was supposed to be, lol. Kind of like the Epsilons in Brave New World. If you put some alcohol in their blood surrogate during gestation, they make the perfect grunt workers, lol.

    Ok, I'll get a hold of my prejudices now. I'm finally back in Bullfrog, where I belong, so life is good. I'm just about finished with the second read through of Calan, and I had a difficult time not stopping to send you praises for such a rich story. Marlaine is reading it for the first time, and it is fun to see how much she enjoys it as well.

    So do your dogs not play well with cats?

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