Tough Days and Exciting News

Hi Folks,
I figured it was about time for another update as well a bit of good news.
First the tough stuff. Yesterday I put my sister on a flight to Southern California. It was one of the toughest things I have ever had to do. Yep, empty nest syndrome going on here again. sigh. She will be gone for many months. Here’s hoping she has a successful and productive trip.

Now for the exciting stuff. Novan Witch is on sale today for $0.99. Pick it up now for a wild ride through an exciting and adventurous future world. There’s even a bit of romance in there. Get it today as the price will go up a tiny bit tomorrow and again the next day etc. Sadly, it appears that the sale is only good in the USA. Not impressed, Amazon.

ROW80 Check-in.

Hey there, this is my first real check in for quite some time. Life exploded all over me and took its time getting back together. as a result I have written relatively little in the past few months. However, I’m climbing back on the wagon. I managed two thousand words last week and the target for the foreseeable future will be 10K per week.  Cross your fingers and wish me luck.


2 thoughts on “Tough Days and Exciting News

  1. OK. First comment didn't go through from from the looks of it. Sorry to hear about the empty nest- I know how you thrive on loving others. Good luck in the writing

    Some updates from this side to hopefully make you smile. I climbed 10 feet up our accessible climbing wall at work- Hoping for the top by the end of the summer.

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