Tight Curve

Hello again, gentle readers, today I shall give you a quick look into my recent adventures in the writing world.  Recently, it has been a tight learning curve.

First, let me confess, I am not the world’s greatest writer of perfectly crafted prose.  No dear people, I am a storyteller.  I tell stories, stories of ordinary people who face extraordinary challenges, or, at least, unusual ones.  Since I am a firm believer in positive outcomes in life, you can be assured from the outset that my characters will somehow find their way through to a satisfactory conclusion, well, most of the time, anyway.

In the past two months I have been burried in the mountain of information on the web concerning writing.  There are a number of editors (eek) who readily share their opinions (eek).  Better yet, there are a blessed few who share their skills and experience. These folks have provided enough material to write a thesis.  I have been trying to absorb much of what they have so generously shared. Here are three blogs well worth investigating.


Most of the books I have published on Smashwords are works from long ago, great stories, I beleive, but early works, none the less.  My style, like anyone’s, is evolving, and evolving more quickly now that I have access to better information.  The books I publish in future should reflect this.  First, however, I have another dozen or more of the early stuff to tidy up a bit.

For a look at one of my newer works, check out this one on Smashwords.

About the year 1100 AD a small village of Norse people vanished from Greenland. Their homes, tools, livestock all remained, but the humans were gone. A lone survivor claimed that the gods had snatched them away in ships of bright light. The fate of these folk will soon be revealed as their descendants return to Earth in the present to stand beside mankind in the final battle for our survival. 

Happy reading, Pru

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