This Week… What I did and didn’t get done.

 Hi folks, 

 It’s Sunday again and another week has slipped through my fingers. We began by huddling in the house from the cold snap. The winter arrived with full intent this time. Oh how I do love a warm fire. So do the dogs and cats.

We also spent some time rearranging the furniture to squeeze in the Christmas Tree. With three adults, four dogs and three cats in our little cottage space is at a premium. However we did manage to get it up. Yay!!! Here’s 2011’s version. Hopefully next week you will see the current version.

We also spent a day in the city shopping. The sheer mass of stressed out people was amazing. People, this time of year is supposed to be fun, and it is for me. What’s the secret? Stop trying to make it all perfect and just enjoy the process and the people. As a confirmed people watcher, I’m going back into town again next week. J
Okay, busted. I did manage to get in an hour or two of World of Warcraft. Hi there, my name is Prudence and I have a problem… tee hee


This was a mad week and I didn’t even get close to my target this time. I barely managed four thousand words. Argh.  I will also confess that I am unlikely to do any better in the next couple of weeks so I’m only setting one goal. Write something every day, no matter how small; just something every day.

Well, that’s it for this week, folks. Go forth and enjoy the holidays. Remember, give everyone one you meet the gift of a smile. They’re cheap and people really appreciate them.

3 thoughts on “This Week… What I did and didn’t get done.

  1. It's nice that you enjoy the crush, Prudence. Most folks don't. I don't mind the shopping part, it's the trying to find a place to park that annoys me.

    Glad you made space for a tree. It just doesn't seem like Christmas without a tree.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  2. Hi Patricia, you're right; it wouldn't seem right without a tree. Actually I don't enjoy shop[ping in the crush, but I do enjoy just browsing and watching all the people. I do agree that the parking thing can be a hassle for sure.

  3. People watching during the holidays (or just about any time) is delightful. I guess that's why we also like to write. 🙂

    You have World of Warcraft, Pru; I have Minecraft. We both have a problem. Don't know about you, but I'm not looking too hard for a cure….

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