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So here we are again with things I love. Today I want to share a sunset with you. All sunsets are special, everywhere. I know for I have a goodly number of them over the past sixty years or so, and I have loved them all.
As a child, sunsets were special, mainly because the work stopped. Winter was even better as they came sooner. I can remember standing in the trees at the edge of the forest, watching the sun set behind the cape, waiting for the darkness to encroach before crossing the last hundred yards or so to the house.
Walking across crisp snows, hearing the crunch beneath my boots, and watching the sky turn a myriad of colors was nothing short of magical. Why was I in the forest? I slipped out of the house and ran there to watch the sunset, of course.
When I first arrived in the west I was enthralled with watching the sunset behind the mountains. The snow covered peaks glittered like diamonds long after the valley had grown dark. Exquisite.
I went further west and sat on the beaches watching the sun set over the Pacific Ocean. Lying there on the sands, listening to the gentle lapping of the waves was nothing short of magical.
Let me take you north now, to the Arctic. If you like the magic of the time between light and dark, you would love a winter’s day in the Arctic. I have sat enthralled as I watched a sunrise slowly turn into a sunset, all within an hour’s time, the pale light glittering across the frozen harbor before fading away is a rainbow of colors to be replaced by the Aurora Borealis.
Now let me bring you to a sunset as seen from the steps of our cottage on this island of stone. The colors were so intense that I stopped what I was doing and called K to come out and watch with me. At a moment of such beauty, enjoy in such loving company, I know I have truly found my way home.
Thanks for sharing in my walk down memory lane. I’d love to hear about your magic sunsets.
Until next time, bless, Prudence

22 thoughts on “Things I Love Sunsets

  1. I'm a sucker for a sunset (or a sunrise!). We spend our summers on a lake in TN and it gives the most amazing sunsets over the water. I have about a billion photos because every one of them is special and unique. They are a canvas of awesome! 🙂

    That sunrise to sunset in an hour sounds incredible.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sunrise and sunset are my favorite time of days. I so miss them in the open sky of our former home. Now trees are in the way of me enjoying them, so I was happy to gaze upon your beautiful pictures!

  3. Those photos are gorgeous. I love beautiful sunsets, too, especially the sunsets in Hawaii. We have some awesome sunsets here in the High Desert of Calif., too, but the dang house across the street from us block out a lot of our view!

  4. I love sunsets and dusk is my favorite time of day. I love watching the sky slowly turn from blue to purple to black. I used to work in the evenings at a farm research facility (I was the janitorial staff) on the Prairies and I would sit outside and watch the sunset and the dusk slowly take over the sky.

  5. Thank you Pru for sharing such fond thoughts and beautiful pictures!

    I am a native to the southern California coast and thought nothing could compare to the sun's western discent upon the glistening water of the Pacific. But then I moved to Arizona. Every evening the sunset is different and spectacular.

    So I guess it really doesn't matter where you are. Sunset is an inspirational time of day!


  6. Awesome pictures and post today Prudence. I am also blessed enough to live in a house with big windows facing the west and I can enjoy the sunset most evenings.

    It always seems to me that just as the sun sinks beneath the horizon the whole world kind of holds it breath; everything seems to slow down and mute as if the waiting for the magical ending of another day.

    Thanks for sharing your memories and photos.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  7. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing. I am always a sucker for a sunset at the beach. Those are my favorite. I would love to see the Aurora Borealis! Maybe someday. *sigh*

  8. Make me think of the winter P and I spent on Texada Island, BC. Being from NL and not being used to not seeing the sky for the trees, we could go the whole day without seeing the sun. Evening would start to come on and we'd rush to finish up work to make a hot cup of tea to take down to the beach to watch the sun go down. We'd be grumpy if we missed it as the sun didn't come up high enough in the winter to get over the treetops. The West facing beach we lived above was the perfect spot for sunset evenings.

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