Things I love, Making Things, part 3

Hi folks, time for another studio update. The building has changed somewhat since I last brought you an update. First, we completed the roof, shingles and all. This was a lot harder than we first envisioned. It also took a lot longer than expected. The steep pitch of the roof was the issue. We couldn’t stand on it and work, we had to work from the ladder, shifting here, there, and back again.
The next step was the window and door installation, three windows and one door. As K was working long hours, I completed this task on my own, again, spread over several days, but I did manage it. The great thing is, when you buy new windows or doors, they come with instructions. Yea!
Once that was finished we began to work on the porch. First we dug the sod away, poured in the gravel, then set the blocks for the foundation. The floor got framed up, and boarded in. Yesterday, we built the supports and roof for the porch and shingled it as well. This last photo will show our progress so far.  Next comes siding. Wish me luck!

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