Things I Love #9 Reconnecting With Folks

One thing I have always loved to do, as I am sure everybody does, is reconnect with folks we haven’t seen for some time. Recently, I was granted just such an opportunity.
It was a cold and stormy day, the kind I love. The dogs and I spent the day together in out snug little cottage, them sleeping, and me working at the computer. As the winds shrieked around the house and increased their speed, the dogs came closer. We had a fine cuddle, just enjoying the pack bonding experience.
It was those fierce winds that blew a golden opportunity my way. The winds became so strong the ferry boats were unable to dock at the island.  A number of people were stranded for a while. K brought two people home with her.
As the two women entered the house, I was taken with their sweet gentle energy. The dogs were drawn to them instantly, always a good sign. One lady smiled and said, “I know you.”
“Yes you do,” I replied, “but from where. Where have our paths crossed before?”
“Your hair was black then. You came to the university where I was a student. You gave Reiki demonstrations and read Tarot cards.”
I smiled with delight, for I had done just that many times a number of years ago. As we sat talking, she spoke of our first meeting, and of how profoundly it had affected her. It is incredibly humbling to have such a bright and accomplished person tell you that you have had a positive effect on their life. When they left I hugged her to me as I would my own child. We have vowed to get together soon for a proper catching-up session.
I continue to be amazed at how powerful a chance encounter can be. In this case, she has had the positive effect on me, for I have renewed my vow to make every interaction I have with another person, a positive experience for that person. The ripples of our actions are indeed far reaching, we need to keep this uppermost in our thoughts.

4 thoughts on “Things I Love #9 Reconnecting With Folks

  1. That is so cool! It's funny how dogs can sense a person's attitude immediately. When I was younger we had one dog in particular who had never shown any aggression. An assessor came to our house and started inspecting things. He met the dog with no problems, but a little while later Pepper came running up and bit the guy viciously. After learning more about the assessor later in life, I discovered just how corrupt and egotistical he was. Apparently Pepper new that right from the start.

    I'm sure your friend left with a very positive experience as well, especially if you sent her a link to your wonderful novels!

  2. Prudence, what a great story. It is certainly amazing and humbling when you find out you've touched someone's life when you didn't even know. And, I can tell a lot about a person by how my dogs react to them. 🙂

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