Things I Love #9 An Ocean View

I’ve always loved an ocean view. I know that most folks do, and I understand that. There is something quite magical about all that restless water. It is almost hypnotic. Just a few moments of watching the waves crashing against the rocks is so very refreshing, soul nourishing, if you will. I have always felt this way.
I grew up on the Bay of Fundy. I was lulled to sleep each night by the sounds of wind and waves. When a storm comes with lots of wind, most folks stay awake, ready to run at the first sign of danger. I fall asleep.
As a child I loved the savage winter storms. Our house was old, yet sturdy, and she had withstood the storms of winter for generations before I came along. I would sit by the window and watch as the huge waves crashed against the beach, knowing there would be treasure washed ashore. I would be one of the first on the beach after the storm passed. There was always treasure of some kind.
I also loved the still times. There would be times, especially during summer, when the tides were slack and the waters would be as smooth as glass. I would sit near the water’s edge, listening to the soft lapping of the tiny waves, waves that barely curled as they lightly kissed the gravelly shore.
As an adult, I have always lived close to an ocean, although, sadly, not often with a view. I lived for many years, and both my children were born, near the Pacific Ocean. For a time I lived on the Arctic Ocean. (with a great view) and now I am back to the North Atlantic Ocean again. Our cottage is in a sheltered area, (no view) but the view is ever near. I walk my dogs almost every day, and much of our ramblings provide us with a magnificent view of the restless waters.
I guess I have the best of both worlds now, a snug home, protected from the brunt of the weather, yet with an awesome ocean view just steps away. Life is good.

11 thoughts on “Things I Love #9 An Ocean View

  1. We also live next to the ocean with no view. We can hear it though. We can also hear the wind that doesn't reach us. There's a tiny mountain that protects us, from the weather and the tourists. Its perfect. We have much in common my dear.

  2. Nice pictures! My mother would kill, (yes, I'm being literal), to live by the ocean again. She grew up in Washington and then spent the rest of her life in the desert of Utah, so she gets very nostalgic when someone mentions beaches, water, coasts, waves, etc…

  3. Hi Shannon, I did spend a bit of time land locked, didn't like it at all, so I understand how awesome it must have been for you to get back to the beach. There's nothing like a walk on the beach.

    Chancellor, tell you mom I feel her pain and she can visit my island anytime.

  4. The picture with the iceberg reminds me of one I took from Rose's cliff in Adam's Cove across the bay. For the life of me, I could never figure out why my old Newfie dad ended up spending his retirement years in Tucson, AZ … there wasn't a cod fish to be found!

  5. I live in Michigan, far away from any ocean, but our Great Lakes have wonderful beaches…and are my favorite places to spend an afternoon or weekend. There is nothing quite so peaceful as just sitting on the beach listening to the gulls and waves as they wash ashore. Hopefully, someday, I'll move near Lake Michigan…with a view. 🙂

  6. Hi Kristy, You are so right, the inland seas have some great beaches. I spent a short time on the shores of Lake Superior. Looks like an ocean to me. I hope you get your cottage by the inland sea.

  7. While I have never lived near the ocean, I understand what you mean about being lulled to sleep by raging storms. I grew up in western pennsylvania in a farmhouse on top of a hill. We would have these wild, windy storms, especially in winter, and I found it soothing to listen to the wind howling and hurling itself against the house. I loved its dissonant song and its wildness, and yet felt comforted by those sturdy walls that surrounded me. Thanks for reminding me of those blustery nights!

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