Things I love #8 Stormy Autumn Days

A Stormy Autumn day
It is a stormy day on the island of stone.  I had another trip to the city planned, but that got cancelled by the weather. The wind is so strong the boats cannot run, too rough trying to dock. It is coming through in waves, sudden powerful gusts, driving a lashing rain before them. It is a perfect day to hide indoors.  The wind shakes the little cottage, but not much. At just the right angle of wind there is a shrieking whistle around the front door. Always gives me a shiver and a smile. Ok, I’m weird, I love storms.
I did get out into the wind for a walk with the dogs, but we got a bit wet before we made it home. Now they are sprawled about on the floor, snoring away. I’m snuggled down here with a cup of tea and the laptop. Yep, a delicious stormy day. So, what to do? I know.
I recently discovered a series of romance novels that I wrote back around the turn of the century. I decided to revise, edit, and publish them. I have another romance due out any day now, one of my personal favorites, but beginning in November, I hope to publish the first of the series, and another each succeeding month until all are published. This should be fun. I call it the Clan MacLeod Series, all stories are completely fictional. Seriously.
Anyhow, as soon as I post this, I will begin the revisions to book one. Watch for the arrival of Calan MacLeod, a fierce and gentle lady. Coming soon to a Smashwords near you.

1 thought on “Things I love #8 Stormy Autumn Days

  1. Marlaine and I do rain dances regularly to try and coax storms our way. For some reason the silly clouds just don't like the desert. We have so much fun with storms though. As soon as we get one, we run to the car and go up to the air strip for a nice 360 degree view. We usually get some very cool lightening in this region.

    That is so cool that you have a whole new series to play with! I can't wait! (well, I guess I have to, lol). You just remember, if you ever need a cover I am more than happy to oblige. I have as much fun with art as I do with writing.

    Marlaine is just finishing Incoming. She asked if you were Nordic; I told her that was probably a good guess.

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