Things I Love #7 Riding the Ferry Boats

Once again today I was riding the ferry boat to the city to help a friend. Yesterday there were high winds and it was an exciting ride home, I loved it. Today was very different, the waters were completely calm, like polished glass. The view from the rail was awesome.
I spent much of the trip writing in my notebook, and listening to the voices of the conversations around me. Perhaps I should say, half the conversations. Years ago, as I rode the ferry boats of the BC coast, I would hear the conversations, and often was invited to join in. Today things are different. People talk on cell phones instead of each other.
As I listened, the myriad beeps, bops, jingles, and alarms began to blend with the voices. I shifted my focus from words to sounds, and a strange form of music began to form. The deeper male tones sang a counterpoint to the sweeter tones of the women and girls.
I closed my eyes and smiled as I listened to the magical, murmuring, music of my own species. It was truly delightful. All too soon the boat arrived and we all went our separate ways, going about the daily business of great hive that is human society.
It was both humbling and empowering to realize that I am part of something so magnificent and successful as the human species. I do so enjoy my ferry rides and listening to the voice music of the people.

2 thoughts on “Things I Love #7 Riding the Ferry Boats

  1. We have a small ferry for crossing the lake here in Bullfrog. I never really liked it much because it is usually 115 degrees and you have to turn your car off. I'll have to try your listening trick and see if it takes my mind off of the heat. That is funny the way conversations are all lopsided now, with everyone talking through their cell phones instead of each other. It reminds me of that Pixar movie called Wall-e.

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