Things I love #11 Playing Dress Up

Ever play dress up as a child? Of course you did, we all did. You tied a towel around your neck for a cape and gained super powers. You put on your mom’s shoes and became a princess or an elegant lady on her way to a ball. Dad’s hard hat changed you into a logger, mom’s apron helped you become a wife and mother; we all did it.
Some of us still do. True confession time; I’m one of them. Yes, I see you at the back of the room waving your hand, you too I see. Ok, so I’m not alone, good to know. A friend says I suffer from eternal childhood syndrome. Yep, there’s no cure and frankly, I don’t want one. I love dressing up.
It is different now, since I spend most of my days in sweats or jeans and have for most of my adult life. Often now dress up is just that. When the day’s work is done, the nails driven, the weeds pulled, floors cleaned, dishes washed, laundry… (you get the idea); I play dress up. I take my time and enjoy the process of girling-up, as I call it.
To see me then you might think I was on my way out for the evening, but no, I have a hot date with a computer. It is writing time, and I like to look like a successful author when I do it.
Actually, we all still do the dress up thing, we just don’t think of it the same way. We put on the power suit for that important meeting, the special make-up for that special date, etc. dressing up allows us to tap into another part of our personality, one best suited for whenever the occasion calls for. We all have a magic cape or two around the place.
Here I am in my carpenter’s disguise
This time of year is especially magical, a time when it is Ok for everybody to play dress up and become someone or something else for a night. It is a time to let that childhood imagination run free once again. How soul nurturing is that? Right?
Once again this year I will don my dark robes, fishnets and heels, flip up my hood, grab my wand and let the delightfully wicked witch of the east out to play once more. With wand in hand I shall cast “smiling spells” on everyone who crosses my path so their up coming year will be filled with smiles. Hmm, maybe I’ll throw in a “buy my books” spell too. Couldn’t hurt…

4 thoughts on “Things I love #11 Playing Dress Up

  1. Prudence, Yes, I still dress up once in a while. Most days since I retired from my career, however, I'm dressed in sweats, flip flops and tee shirt. About a week ago, I had to attend a local Chamber of Commerce breakfast meeting (I'm on the board of my county's writers' organization, and our members contribute to local rags and such). Seven in the A.M., and there I sat in jacket and necktie (the working man's noose). I could just about breathe, and swallowing my Cheerios would have amounted to a suicidal gesture. As I "enjoyed" the presentations, I wondered how many other people there were as desperate as I to return home to become themselves once again. I would have felt more comfortable wearing your fishnets and heels.

    By the way, I'm looking forward to reading your guest post next Tuesday.

  2. I've dressed in jeans and long sleeved turtle-necks for the last ten years. I have really sensitive skin and sunscreen aggravates it, so I just have to cover up, even in the one hundred and seventeen degree summer. I have been accused of being a lot of oddball things, from a vampire, to a heroin-addict, as well as a burn survivor or person with horrible skin deformities. I guess the truth is just too boring.

    I dressed in a suit for two years straight on a Mormon mission, and I vowed I would never dress in a suit again, no matter what the occasion. Suits look so imposing, and I am the last person on Earth to want to look imposing, lol. I do love it when my wife dresses up though…

  3. It is funny how we often end up wearing the disguise designed for us by society. However, it is nice to go home and shed that skin, and the persona that goes with it, to become our true selves.
    J, there'll be two books come out in Nov and one in Dec. puff, puff, gasp.
    Anthony, I've heard that about neck ties. As for the fishnets and heels, I'm sure there's a shop near you where they can help you find the right size. tee hee

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