Hey folks,

I’ve been promising a new book for a while now, and here it is. FLEET. I have to admit, I enjoy writing this series. Every time I try to stick to a plan, new characters show up with, “No, no, dear, it happened this way.” New and exciting people with new stories every time.

So, here’s the scoop on FLEET, when our survivors face the reality of their situation, and decide what happens next. When you’re lost and alone you have to put aside any hope of succor or rescue and become a scavenger, a hunter/gatherer, scrounge, sift through the debris life has left behind, seek out that which you need to survive.

The trick is to remain whole, to keep some sort of moral compass, to find that one line you will not cross. This is now what faces the people of the last star ship Reacher.

Yes, I’m already working on the next one, but also on the sequel to Pushback, and then there the … Well, let’s say there plenty of excitement ahead in 2020. So I guess I should get back to work.



Your thoughts?

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