The Wait is Over

Hi folks,

Well, I’ve been promising an upgraded version of Calan (and all books in the St. John’s series) for a while now. I am thrilled to say that Calan is now here and ready for your inspection. Here’s the cover to look for.



Now, FYI, this is how the St. John’s series got started.

At the turn of the century, a friend, (a practising psychologist) begged me to write a self help book. She’d asked me many times how my partner, Kathy, and I managed to have such a loving relationship, even though we admitted it was a love at first sight, move in tomorrow, sort of thing. The kind of thing lesbians are often accused of, and the kind of thing that so often goes wrong.

I tried. For months I tried. And failed. It was the worst dreck I could imagine and I deleted the lot of it. Kathy gave me the key. “You’re a story teller, not a self help guru.” And the lights came on.

I began again, weaving the ideas we hold dear into the stories, trying to show through the tales all we had learned and observed. I sent the first three to a friend to proof read for me and she demanded more, and so the series went from three to six.

I confess I still re-read them to keep the concepts fresh in my mind. I hope you enjoy them too.

Have a great weekend, my friends



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