The Smoky Eye

Hi folks, another week has slipped away on me. There have been a few interesting things going on here on my island of stone. Firstly, the weather is brutally hot. (For us, thirty plus. About eighty to ninety degrees for you American folk.) 

To make matters worse, far to the northwest in Labrador there are forest fires burning out of control. The results? There’s so much smoke in the air you can look directly at the sun with the naked eye. See?

This is our red sun, or the smoky eye in the sky as seen from the field where we walk the dogs. All that smoke makes breathing a bit odd so I’ve been trying to avoid anything that would induce heavy breathing. (Stop laughing at me. I didn’t mean that. Sheesh)

On another note, a few days ago I hit a huge rock with the lawn mower and bent the blade double. Oh dear, now I can’t cut the grass until it gets fixed. I’m truly heartbroken. (snicker) Whatever shall I do???
Okay, enough silliness, on with the ROW80 check-in.

This past week I managed to write four thousand words. That’s about a thousand short of my weekly target this round. However, I did run back through the manuscript and inserted the big bad evil doer. I’m told his mischief is necessary to a good story. J

I also managed to read and comment on several blogs this week. The target is one a day and I have exceeded that. All in all, not a bad week at all.

Last week we sent out the June newsletter. It contained material seen nowhere else, a glimpse into an upcoming book, and a coupon for a free book. This trend will continue. Every month a different book will be chosen to be the freebie. Sign up now and get in on the fun. The link is at the right at the top of the page. Just click on my smiling face.

So let me know how you’re doing, folks and friends. I love to hear from all of you.

4 thoughts on “The Smoky Eye

  1. oh dear what can you do:) no lawn mowing – how sad:( – I declared that when I was the only one left who could mow a lawn the lawn would have to go – life is too short to waste time cutting grass every week – for why?

    thats some serious smoke there – take care not just with heavy breathing either!

    well done on the rest of week – even in those temps you are doing fine – all best for coming week:)

  2. Thank you so much for the comment on my blog! It's lovely to get feedback! And don't knock yourself for being 1K shy of your goal. Your 4K with a villain is richer for the thought you put into it, I'm sure!

  3. Hi Alberta. yep, I'd far rather grow a garden than grass. It's been a few days now and the smoke is clearing away. Things are getting back to normal now. Have a great and productive week. 🙂

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