The Road Home

Hi folks,  earlier today I promised Queen Ariel that I’d give you folks a peek between the pages of the next book. The title is The Road Home, the second in the Elvish Chronicles of Elandor.

In the Rise of the Queen we saw how Ariel rose from slave to Queen, and how she freed over a thousand slaves. The Road Home tells of their journey to Elfhome and a bit of what followed. If you haven’t yet read Rise of the Queen, you can get it here:


Now for a peek into The Road Home:

“Could it be a trap? Could there be an army in hiding, just waiting for us?”

“Possible, I suppose,” replied Arlon, “but I doubt it. The only place to hide an army hereabouts is in the edge of the forest. We would know if they were here.”

“Unless they were on the other side of the road,” grinned Tanis.

Arlon clapped a hand on his shoulder. “Yes, my young friend, unless they were on the other side of the road.”

Ariel smiled at them both. “What do you think, Arlon, is it worth a look?”

“Oh yes, my queen, it is indeed worth a look.”


“My queen?”

“Why are you still here?”

“I’m already gone, Lady,” he called.


Okay, that’s all you get for today. The book should be out soon, just waiting for the cover to be ready.




3 thoughts on “The Road Home

  1. Hi Pru! I just found your post in my email. I know I haven’t been by in a while. My life has exploded and then the move. I haven’t been writing in months because there’s not enough of me to go around. But I hope that will be remedied soon. Yet, look at you. You’re a writing dynamo! You amaze me and you’re such a good example of perseverance! 🙂

  2. Hi Karen, I know all too well how life can mess with your writing. I went for over three years and didn’t manage a single chapter once. Yup, things were busy, and not always in a good way. Take heart, dear friend, it will slow down again, your turn will come.

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