The rise of the Phoenix

The Phoenix, it is one of my personal favorite stories that I have written.  It was originally a short story that I submitted to an international sci-fi writing contest.  It didn’t win any prizes, but it won me a few encouraging comments.  I then tried to submit it as a serial, several short stories, to be published one at a time.  No luck there either, so, eventually, I blended them into a single novel.

Yesterday was a long day as the submitted manuscript was repeatedly rejected due to formatting issues.  I have no idea at all what I was drinking when I put it all together, but I hope it was good because I have no idea at all what I could have been thinking at the time.  It was late in the evening before I got it all straightened out, but straighten it out I did.  I now present for your enjoyment, PHOENIX.


As usual, I have allowed for a generous free sampling of the work.  Please enjoy.

Your thoughts?

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