The Heir

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The vampire king must name an heir, but the choice isn’t an easy one.  Of the people he could choose, the Lady Hawk is an unknown, even if she would accept.  There are others better suited for the task, but fate is about to intervene.

A woman is taken, tortured, and suddenly Rhonda is thrust into a position of command that she doesn’t want.  What if she screws it up?  What if it all goes wrong and blows up in her face getting everyone killed?  She’s utterly terrified, and the man she depends on most just sits there waiting for orders.  Will she succeed on her own or fail and bring ruin to all?

Book seven in the Children of the Wild series.



Okay, I’ll confess it, the Lady Hawk is one of my favorite characters.  I’ve actually missed hanging out with her.   Don’t wait, get this latest episode in the Children of the Wild series today.  See what the Lady Hawk is up to now. 🙂

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