The End

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    Just a quick one today as I have to get my butt out of the chair and walk the dogs. I have been pounding away at the keyboard all morning, but I did it, I finished the rough draft of my next book.  Yay me! There is nothing quite as exciting for me as a writer than to finish that first draft.
   This one is especially sweet considering all the difficulties the past few months have thrown in the path. Now to tidy it up then hand it off to the editor then to a few beta readers and then hit the shelves. The target for release will be late September or early October. Will have a firm date soon.
   So, here’s a peek at the beginning. Be gentle folks, it’s unedited.

* * * * *
The sign said, Have a Seat, so she did, taking the only empty table in the room. The buzz of conversation stopped as she walked in, but now it picked up again. She sighed inwardly as she heard the strident voice of the woman at the next table. “It is her, I tell you. That woman is Melanie Rivers. What the hell is she doing back here in Brighton?”
That’s not our business,” replied her male companion softly. “Keep your damn voice down.”
The hell I will. I’m not going to stand for this.” She turned her full attention to Melanie as she rose from her chair. “What are you doing back here, Melanie Rivers? Hasn’t your family done enough damage to the good people of this town?”
Melanie didn’t even look at the woman. Sadly, she couldn’t even remember the woman’s name. She sighed and let her shoulders sag,but her silence gave the woman courage. “Well, answer me, Miss Murderer Rivers.”
Melanie’s voice was soft as she finally spoke without making eye contact. “Please don’t do this. I just want a meal. I’m not here to cause trouble.”
You are trouble, Missy; trouble we don’t need. We don’t want the likes of you in our town.”
That snapped it. There was going to be no way to reason with the woman. Her husband’s feeble attempts to shut her up only added fuel to the fire. Melanie shook her head. “It’s hard, isn’t it?”
What??? What the hell are you talking about?”
Not getting what you want. It’s hard to want something and not get it. That’s how it felt years ago when my family wanted the support of this town, but we didn’t get it. Now, according to you, the town doesn’t want me here.” Melanie rose and faced her attacker. The woman took a step back from the fire in those eyes. “Well this time you won’t get what you want either. I’ve come home to stay. Suck it up and learn to deal. Now, get out of my face.”
The woman shrank back into her seat and swallowed hard. “What are you going to do, Melanie? Murder me in my sleep too?”
Don’t tempt me.” Melanie sat back down as the young server appeared.
Please, we don’t want any trouble in here.”
Me neither, girl. I just want a burger and a coffee, that all.”
The girl searched Melanie’s eyes for a moment then nodded her head. “Will that be the deluxe?”
Sure. Coffee black.”
Coming right up.”
Well, we’re not staying here; come along, Marvin.” Melanie’s assailant stormed out, dragging her husband behind her. No one else had said a word either way.
The server soon returned with the burger and coffee. Seeing the empty table next to Melanie she stomped her foot in frustration. “Dammit, they skipped out without paying.”
It’s okay. I’ll cover it.”
The hell you will.” The deep male voice caused them both to turn to the older man at another table. “I”ll cover it and Melanie’s too.” He was grinning. “I’ve waited years to see someone stand up to Janet Carter. It was worth the wait. How you been, Mel?”
Some good, some bad, Sheriff. Thanks.”
I retired five years ago, Mel. I’m just Hank now.”
Oh yeah? How’s that working out for you?”
Boring as hell, Melanie. I owe you at least a burger for livening the place up a bit.”

* * * * *
So there you go, folks. I do hope you’re intrigued. Now on to ROW80.

ROW80 check in.  

For my ROW80 check in, see above. Tee Hee  Okay, okay. Last week I wrote over ten thousand words and finished the first draft of my WIP. Life is good and I’m doing the happy dance.

Target for this coming week. Clean up that first draft plus get 4K started on a new story. The third in the Corelian Guard Series. Yep, I’ve got stuff in my head, have to get it written down.

I sincerely hope all you folks are having a world of success too.

Bright Blessings

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6 thoughts on “The End

  1. Hi Joanna, so glad you enjoyed the story. I've already tidied it up and sent it to the editor. With any luck it will appear on the cyber shelves in September. The drive? The voices in my head beat me. They do, they won't leave me alone… tee hee

  2. Thanks Karen. I'll confess about this one, I wrote it for me. I was so tired and beat up I just wanted a story for me to enjoy. I wasn't even sure I'd ever publish it, but once I got near the end I decided to toss it out and see if anyone else might enjoy it too.

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