The Dryer!

The Dryer

I started the day with full intentions of getting some serious writing done. It didn’t turn out that way.  I’ve spent too many days glued to the computer lately.  Today the ache in my shoulders, plus the headache, suggested to me that I should find other entertainment.

With that in mind I looked around the cottage for a project that had been neglected. There was plenty to choose from. From this lish, I decided to tackle the dryer hook up.  First I made a list of all I would need, then went off to see my friends at Home Hardware.

Home again, with supplies in hand, I set to work.  More easily said than done, as I had to do it all leaning over the washer. First I built the platform to set the dryer on, then took a coffee break. (badly needed by then)  Lunch soon followed.

After lunch, I set about cutting the hole through the wall and installing the actual vent. It took a good while, with lots of cussing that I’d learned from my brother. (carpenter’s language, so he called it)  With that complete, I wrestled the dryer from the hallway to the bathroom where it would eventually reside.  Of course I had to remove the door just to get it inside.  By then it was dinner time and K was arriving home from work.

After dinner we lifted the machine up and got it partly in place, then I reached behind to connect the electricity and the vent pipe.  Not a hope in hell.  I huffed and puffed, cussed and carried on, but all to no avail.  Eventually I ran out of air and sank towards the floor.  My beloved stepped in, and, with her longer arms and more dexterous hands, managed the connections.  We then finished wrestling it into position, checked that it was level and working.  Success!

So, now what? First a blog post, then a shot of Bailey’s.  Perhaps tomorrow I will tackle the attic hatch instalation.  Wish me luck!

Your thoughts?

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