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The will to survive is in us all, and no matter how bad it gets, deep down, there’s a spark inside us all that wants to fight back, to survive at any cost. And so it was for Terri Dawn.

However, even when you’ve escaped the darkness, a piece of it goes with you. To face that darkness and defy it, or fall under its spell, that’s the real battle. Terri Dawn didn’t know if she could defeat the darkness within her, or if she even wanted to. She’d have an eternity to find out.


Here’s what one reader had to say about Pushback.

“This was a great story that grabbed my attention from the first chapter. Great characters and touching on a subject that there really isn’t any middle ground on. It was good to see how the story changed as it progressed, getting deeper in the emotional and psychological sides. It was fast moving, keeping the story moving and the characters progressing, growing. I wasn’t ready for it to end and I’m looking forward to the next one. Sooo many options and twists it can take.
Excellent reading. “

Now for more good stuff. The next installment of the Forgotten Worlds series (SUVI series) is now in the hands of the editors. Look for it to appear later this fall.

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