The Art of Creating a Better Life

Ok, so, here’s how we do it.

Step one. Accept that life as you know it is of your own creation. Accept that by thought, word, and deed you have laid each stone, and built your own house, until you have arrived at the place you now find yourself in.

I know how hard this can be, (having been there myself), but I will explain. If you believe that the life you now have is the will of God, then you are helpless to do anything about it. You must wait patiently for Him to change it for you.

If, on the other hand, you accept that you have shaped this life all by yourself, then it follows that you can take it completely apart and rebuild it in a more pleasing fashion. Having gained a lot of experience in life building by this time, you can now proceed to create one that you would like a lot better.

I will help. I want you to get pen and paper and describe the life you would rather have. You must go into complete detail. If you want a better job, describe that in detail. What is it like when you get up in the morning? What is it like when you arrive at work? How do your fellow workers greet you? How do you greet them etc.?

Do you want a better relationship? What will this new lover be like physically? Emotionally? Intellectually? How will she dress, speak, react to certain situations? How will she greet you? You her? What will your lives be like? How will you behave together? What will it be like interacting with her? How will she treat you? How will you treat her?

Got the idea? This is tough, but it will give you a better window into what you truly want out of life. If you do this right, you may have to start over several times. I know I did. That’s Ok, it’s natural that, as you begin to take a harder look at this, your insights will change your outlook. Once you can see what you truly want from life, you can use the master’s thinking style to move yourself in that direction.

Be blessed and be gentle with yourself as you work on this one. Prudence

Your thoughts?

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