Testing the Waters

For those of you who know me, you know I can be a bit opinionated on certain subjects. E-book pricing is one of those things I feel strongly about. So many people work their butts off for months, even years, to produce a body of work they hope will provide you, the reader, with a few hours of entertainment. Please consider this for a moment.
Most e-books are priced between $0.99 and $5.99. What’s a latte cost? How much would you pay for a cab ride across town? How many times have you paid three times that for a hard cover book then left it on the shelf? What about the movies? How many times have you gone to the movies, paid the ticket, stuffed your face with greasy overpriced popcorn and low grade chocolate, and then washed it down with watery soda pop, all the while with your feet stuck to the floor by something someone else had spilled there days before, only to endure a bad film? How much did you pay for that experience?
Now, in the face of all that, curling up in your favorite chair, e-reader in hand, for several hours of entertainment that costs about the price of a Starbuck’s coffee doesn’t sound so bad, does it?
So, what’s the point here? The point here is simple, authors work their tails off to bring out a $2.99 book, and they deserve to be paid. I often search out new authors and I always pay the asking price. I’ve been offered free copies by the writers, but I always buy the book. They deserve to be paid. Have I read some bad stuff? Yes I have, but I have found some real gems as well.
Anyway, what the heck has brought on this rant anyway, you may well ask. I’ll tell you. In spite of my rather strong opinions on the subject, I have offered up my latest work, Immortal Tigress, for free on Amazon. For the next three days the best work I have ever done will be out there for free.
Why? In all honesty, I am hoping to attract some new readers. This is where I ask for your help. Folks, if you could check out the page and hit the like button it would be a great help to me. Also, if you have read the book and feel so inclined, a glowing review would earn my undying gratitude. JSo, how about it folks, can you help me out here? I’ll do the same for you anytime you need, just ask.
Also, if you are a writer who has tried this experiment, please let me know your thoughts on its effectiveness.  Happy reading!

10 thoughts on “Testing the Waters

  1. I agree with you on all counts…but due to a marketing strategy a friend helped me develop (a friend who recently did the same thing), I decided to use KDP for my first book. Anywho, I've bought a few of yours, and I'll get this one and help spread the word! gosh, that cover seriously gives me chills!

  2. Pru, I agree with you whole heartedly. I have, on numerous occasion, tried to figure out how I could tip some of the authors I read. Before I found this site I was searching smashwords trying to find a way to tell you that your books are rather underpriced and could I pay you more. Yes I am the geek who asked for more pop quizzes too. This is one of the reasons why I have no problem buying your books on smashwords and then again on Barnes and Noble. I have spent what I spend on your books on other books that were poorly written and were promptly deleted. I have also spent between six and ten dollars for books that are comparable to yours. I know what writers put into their work and if it gets you more readers in the long run, I will continue to buy both copies as I have been and will be sure to like and reveiw all that I can. Anything I can do to help you hit a wider readership, just say the word.

  3. It is an interesting thought… Don't know if the world could handle two of me though. There are a few of your books that I haven't read but I liked all the rest. Got a couple more reviews up for you. In a couple of weeks when I am able to get a little more spare cash, I am gonna pick up the revival series. Hopefully by then I will have gotten the others reveiwed for you. Think I am gonna get Fortunate Fire today. Should actually be home in time to read it without being up all night this time. That'll be a first! Have to make that sixty mile drive before dark and black ice time, so will have plenty of time for a good Pru fix before bed. Happy thoughts and lots of love!!

  4. Downloaded Tigress to my mom's kindle, so she can discover your writing, I have only been talking about you for a while now. Got Fortunate Fire and and Twist of Fate, will read them this week and let you know what I think.

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