TDOR Special

Hi Folks,

As promised, I have a surprise for everybody. I have always tried to educate as well as entertain in my books and in keeping with that sentiment, and in honor of TDOR, all my books featuring trans folks are on super sale for the next two days. In fact they are free.

Here is the list, coupon codes, and links:

Seela: ML39F

A Simple Twist of Fate: TP68A

Shelly’s Turn: RD95Q

Dark Traveler: ZA53U

Seela features a lesbian couple, Twist of fate a hetero couple, Shelly is about teens learning to deal. All are romances.
Dark Traveler is a fantasy adventure. It was designed to give trans and intersexed youth a hero of their own.

Please enjoy the stories, folks. They are my gift to you on this Transgender Day of Remembrance.


Your thoughts?

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