Taking Conscious Control of Your Life

Taking conscious control of your life.

Now then, let’s have a bit of fun with this one. Far too many people just cruise through life, reacting to whatever comes along.  I want you to become proactive, taking control of your life experience.
Here is an exercise in becoming proactive, making conscious decisions. All too often people just move through the day, responding in an habitual manner to whatever comes at them. Every move we make, every thing we do is a decision made and acted upon.

The key here is to make those decisions deliberately.  For the next number of days make as many decisions as possible deliberately. You know, take a different route to work each day, wear different coloured socks, use your left hand (or right) to eat with, walk through every door sideways, etc. You get the idea.

What is the point of this, really? Making conscious decisions for yourself is a major step in taking control of your life. You choose what to do, when, and how, it shall be done. This exercise is just to get you accustomed to making your own choices.

What if people laugh at you, or disapprove of your actions? What is this all about really, gaining mastery of, and improving your own life, or gaining the approval of everyone else? Answering that question will tell you more about yourself than you might suspect.

Once you begin to make decisions consciously, you will begin to see your world a bit differently.  The people around you may be a bit resistant at first, but soon they will begin to look to you for advice and guidance, after all, you are a person who isn’t afraid to make decisions and act upon them.  These are the traits of a leader, but this is a discussion for another day.  Right now we’re working on taking back control of our lives, and, as a side effect, gaining a new respect from those around us.

Ok, get up two minutes early tomorrow, wear purple socks with Kelly green trousers, and have a great day.

Bright blessings, Prudence

Your thoughts?

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