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Hi folks,

I just came across this new review.

Matthew J. Artibee
 reviewed Shadow Ascending (Children of the Goddess Book 7)  Great series to read!  November 11, 2019 I confess, I powered through all the books in this series and am looking forward to more from this author. What a wonderful mix of stories and characters. Read them, you won’t be disappointed.
Lady Blue is book #1 of this series

If there is ever any doubt if it’s worth it to review, let this dispel it. I’ve been fighting writer’s block for months, but this shattered it. I’ve actually got three new stories started, two are only a few paragraphs, but one, a new SUVI story, is already about 11K words and growing.

If you’ve enjoyed an author’s work, review it. That means as much to them as a great story does to you. 🙂

Okay, no more time to talk, I’ve got work to do.



Hi folks,

The will to survive is in us all, and no matter how bad it gets, deep down, there’s a spark inside us all that wants to fight back, to survive at any cost. And so it was for Terri Dawn.

However, even when you’ve escaped the darkness, a piece of it goes with you. To face that darkness and defy it, or fall under its spell, that’s the real battle. Terri Dawn didn’t know if she could defeat the darkness within her, or if she even wanted to. She’d have an eternity to find out.


Here’s what one reader had to say about Pushback.

“This was a great story that grabbed my attention from the first chapter. Great characters and touching on a subject that there really isn’t any middle ground on. It was good to see how the story changed as it progressed, getting deeper in the emotional and psychological sides. It was fast moving, keeping the story moving and the characters progressing, growing. I wasn’t ready for it to end and I’m looking forward to the next one. Sooo many options and twists it can take.
Excellent reading. “

Now for more good stuff. The next installment of the Forgotten Worlds series (SUVI series) is now in the hands of the editors. Look for it to appear later this fall.

And now back to work.



In The Works

Hi folks,

Last post I gave you a hint at the current project I’m working on. There’s a bit more to it, as you might have guessed.The story revolves around a woman who dares to rise up and fight back, but there’s always more than one battle to fight. The battle within is always the hardest.

“Even when you crawl out of the darkness, a piece of it comes with you. Even when you defeat the darkness within, it too will rise up again, for that battle will never end. To survive that fight you not only need strength and courage, you need allies.”

We’re putting the final touches on the manuscript now. Trying not to rush this one, I want to get it right. I’ll keep you in the loop as we progress.

Speaking of Progress, a gifted young artist is getting involved with the cover. You can check out and contact Perin through their FB page here: https://www.facebook.com/perin.squires

Okay, heading back to work now.



Writing Process Results

Hi Folks,

We’ve talked about my writing process for a number of weeks now. How about a few peeks into what that process has produced. First I finished the final episode of the Corelian Guard Series. Keep an eye out for Empire’s Fall, the sequel to Empire’s advance.

Next, I completed the sequel to Immortal Tigress.

And yesterday I finished the first draft of the sequel to Lady Blue.

Here’s a peek inside.

Tasha awakened slowly, fear gnawing at her very soul. She was no longer alone in the cold damp basement. The small hairs on the back of her neck were standing up and a shiver crawled slowly up her spine. “Relax woman,” sighed a soft feminine voice. “I’m not going to hurt you.” The speaker was a small girl not much older than Tasha. She had blue spirals painted on her face and arms.
“Who are you? What do you want?”
“I’m called Lady Blue. My name is Kara. Your name is Tasha and you’re in deep shit. I’m here to bring you an option you might not have thought of. Hungry?”
“What do you mean options? Wait, what? Yes, I’m starving. Have you got anything to eat?”
“Sure, try this.” She tossed Tasha a couple of military ration bars then fished a bottle of water out of her backpack. She passed it over.
Tasha forgot everything in her hunger. She devoured the bars then guzzled the water. A moment later she became aware of the small girl watching her. “These are military rations, where did you get them?”

“I took them off a soldier who tried to rape me. Feeling better now?”

And that’s a wrap for this week. Now for the ROW80 check-in.

Again I seem to be well ahead of schedule. I have ROW80 to thank for keeping me on track. Even in the times when I set my goals lower, I still have that need to get something written for the check-in. Thank you one and all for keeping me honest.
So, this past week I managed to drive the word count on my WIP over 60,000 words and to bring the story to its proper ending. I am so thrilled.

Until next time, may your days be filled with sunny skies and smiling faces. 

Bright Blessings

Worth Doing

Hi folks,

A few days ago I did something unusual, I checked the reviews on some of my older works. Back in the latter years of the twentieth century, I lost a friend to suicide; she was transgendered. a few years later I wrote a book to honor her struggle and to show how it really should have worked out for her. When I checked the reviews, this is what I found.

This review is from: Shelly’s Turn (Kindle Edition)
I held off on buying this book for a long time. I know nothing about transgender people so I thought the book would be of no interest to me. I was wrong I really enjoyed it and learnt a couple of things about transgender people along the way. The story has several love stories in it and the one involving the two moms was the most surprising by far. The way Shelly’s dad went from narrow minded to grudgingly accepting in the space of a day seemed a little too fast. The boys in this book were far too nice I have yet to meet a guy who is half as nice as those guys. I liked Shelly she was an interesting person and she had to suffer for years as her father beat the crap out of her every time she insisted she was a girl. I learned a lot about the mindset of transgender people from this book as I have never met a transgender person i never really thought about it before. I loved the fact the book had a happy ending and was money well spent in the end.

Whoever the reviewer is, she made my day. The best part? Her world is a little bigger now, her eyes a bit more open. This is one of the main reasons I write, to reach people, show them something they hadn’t seen before, or to shed a different light on something familiar. And I know Felicia would be pleased with that review. It makes it all worth doing.

ROW80 Check-in

Last week I had a rather animated meeting with my editor and business adviser. We took a hard look at how the writing schedule and targets had gone to hell in a hand basket when I got sick last spring, where we are now, and beat out some ideas how we can get ourselves back on track. It was a lively discussion, but a tough one too.
The results? Big changes in the schedule, changes in marketing strategy, and a few minor changes in my writing style. Nobody promised it would be easy, but as I always say, “Change is life and life is change. Embrace it.” I’ll do show and tell when we do the next goal setting session on ROW80.

So, my efforts last week: six thousand words on WIP, many hours of fussing and grumping with re-writes. (another 3K there)

Targets for this week? More of the same. 6K on the WIP and get as close to done on the rewrites as I can. (Did I hear the sound of a whip cracking?)

Well that’s it for me today, folks. Drop me a line and let me know how you’re making out. I’d love to hear from you.


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