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The Year of Sequels

Hey folks,

So, I have my writing schedule for 2016. Should be fun if I can do it. Ha, of course I can do it. This will be the year of the sequels. This year will see not one, but two sequels to Lady Blue and Lady Justice.

Lady Justice Front

The first of those two is due out this spring.

Next will be one, perhaps two sequels to Immortal Tigress.


The first of these, Shapeshifter, is due out this month.

And finally, there will be a sequel to Claimstake. Yet another in the Novan Witch series.

Claimstake by Prudence MacLeod

That book, Red Nova, is already in the works. A release date has yet to be determined. Most likely later in the year.

So, on that note, here’s my ROW80 check in.


This is the check in where I announce my goals for the round. My goals are simple. I have just written the outline and first thousand words for a new novel called Red Nova. My goal this round is to cross the sixty thousand word mark in this manuscript by the end of the round. Ambitious, yeah, but doable I think. Even if I don’t make it I can sure get close. Wish me luck.

Speaking of luck, here’s wishing good luck to all my fellow ROWers.

Bye for now



Playing with My Sleep Patterns

Hi folks,

Well, I’m back again. I am happy to report the sudden illness in the family seems to be improving. M went home from hospital yesterday. Now I am trying to refocus on my writing. However, I didn’t last week.

These past few days have been stellar, weather wise. This has been the worst summer I can remember, but last week was more like this.

The result is lots of outside maintenance, painting and such, as well as new doors installed. Not so much writing.

However, I have managed to find another two or more hours per day of possibilities. Here’s how that came to pass.

I have been exhausted for months, bad weather, poor air quality, etc. and not enough sleep. As hard as I might try, the required eight hours escaped me. We have too many people and animals in a too small space for that to happen. Results? One constantly groggy and grumpy Prudence.

While reading an article about sleep patterns it came to me. I was getting enough time to sleep, but not using it wisely. I don’t need eight hours of sleep per day, what I need are four REM cycles. Six hours in total.

So, what to do different? When I wake up to use the bathroom (when you get old you will too) I stay up and work or play or something. As soon as I start to feel drowsy I have a nap. I repeat that cycle throughout the day. It works out to about one short sleep and two power naps per day. Results? Roughly six hours of sleep in total and a brain that is fully alert all the time. Loving this.

ROW80 Check-in  

Okay, as I said above, much of last week was lost to household maintenance. However, I did manage to write about six thousand words during one of my nocturnal adventures. I write from three a.m. to six then went back for a power nap. Great stuff. The goal for this coming week is eight thousand words. (And lots of editing as well)

On another note, things have gotten a bit frustrating for me on the writing front. The editor is behind schedule (not her fault) and our cover artist seems to have been devoured by a day job. we are months behind in our releases now and it’s starting to make me twitchy.

 Patience, girl, patience. (the voice of my evil twin brother)
Patience my arse, I’m gonna kill something. (First I have to write up a bad guy to kill. hehehe)

Well, that’s it for me this time. I do hope the road to success for you is a bit smoother than that. Drop me a line to let me know how you’re getting on. I do love to hear from you.

Bright Blessings

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Goals for Round #3 of ROW 80

Hi folks,

Well, this isn’t the story of my humble beginnings in writing as I threatened you with. That will surface on Sunday. This time it’s all about Round #3 of ROW80. Goals.

As I stated in my last post, things well all to hell on me last round, so this round will be different. My writing goal for this round is to pick up the pieces, get my newest novel back on track, fix the broken parts, make it all pretty, and get it published.

I also want to dig up and revise an older one that has yet to be published, and get a start on several new ones. When I say start several I’m not talking about 40-50K words per, I’m talking about notes of about 3-4 hundred words. Just some random stuff to get my imagination working again. I will shoot for high productivity in round #4.

Above that I mean to be cheering you all on to greater things. You are all my brothers and sisters in arms. Let us go forth and conquer the world.

Bright Blessings