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New Cover and a ROW80 Check-in

Hi folks,

Well it’s time for another peek into my world. This time it won’t be another gentle wander around a peaceful island or a rant about the world’s wrongs, this time it’s about writing.

I’ve been fairly quiet about my writing over the summer, but I was still working. Honest I was. JSo, here’s a rundown of what’s been going on and where I’m positioned at this moment.

For the past number of weeks I’ve been working on the fourth book in the Nova series. That has now passed the first round of edits and will soon be ready. This past week we arrived at the cover design. Here’s a peek at the cover; watch for the book to appear in mid-September.

On top of that I have completed the first round of edits on the next romance. This is an old fashioned lesbian romance MacLeod style so be warned. We hope to have it out before the end of October.

I’ve also finished the initial round of edits on something a bit unusual. This is an adventure fantasy novel aimed at teenagers and young adults, very special young adults and those who are curious about them. I have written many books for the lesbian, gay, and transgender folk. This time I focused on creating a hero for the transgender and intersexed young people. They deserve to have super heroes too. Look for that book to appear sometime before Christmas.

Well, that’s about it for me for this week. In the near future I’ll be working on organizing some upcoming projects for 2014.

So what have you folks been up to? Drop me a line and let me know how things are in your world. I do love to hear from you all.