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After the Fall

Hey folks,

Well much of the storm has passed and now it’s time to breathe.  The work of clean up can be hard and tiring.  At the end of day is a perfect time to sit back and relax with a good book.  Here are a few suggestions and where to find them on Playster.

A Simple Twist of Fate: https://play.playster.com/books/10009780692739235

Relax and let me take you away from this world for a while, enjoy the adventure.
So, until next time,


Hi folks,

Well, I’ve told you a bit about the Children of the Wild series. Now I’ll tell you more, that series is soon to have its own logo, cool, right? The manuscript has made it’s final pass through the hands of the editor and now is with the publisher. I’ve got my fingers crossed for an early February release. Right now we’re waiting for the cover to be finished. It’ll need to be tidied up, but here’s a peek at the raw material.

I confess I can’t wait to see the finished product.

What? You want another peek between the covers? Well, okay, I guess. Here goes:

Marlene had not gone far when she heard a shot in the distance. She picked up the pace. Sound carried well in the mountains and it took a while to locate the source of the gunfire. She found a man with a rifle cowering behind an old truck. He was trembling and obviously had soiled himself.

What happened here?” she asked.

B-b-b-bear, big fucking bear. Big as a house bear… Nice tits. What happened to your shirt, girl? Come here and tell me about it.”

With a sigh Marlene realized she was naked to the waist as she had discarded the shirt and bra ruined by the shotgun blast. “I went skinny dipping in the river to escape the heat. Damn kids stole my clothes. I chased them and got it all back except my shirt. I don’t suppose you have a spare with you?”

Okay, that’s it. Next time I hope to have the completed cover to show you, or better yet, a URL where you can get the book. For now, just a reminder that this will be book three in the Children of the Wild Series. You can get book #1, Immortal Tigress, here:


Book #2, Children of the Wolf is here:


And on that note, see you next time.




Hi folks,

Last time I told you a bit about my adventure into Vampire stories. I was surprised (and delighted) at its reception and requests for more. With that in mind I decided to have a go at expanding that world by introducing werewolves. Thus began the Children of the Wild series. Book two is the story of the meeting between the vampires and the werewolves. Here it is:

Children Of The Wolf Front


Get your copy today. Why? Because the sequel will be out soon. I’ll tell you more about it later, but for now, here’s a peek inside the Children of the Wolf.

Then he is dead, Peter,” Ella replied kindly. “It was a long fall and he hit the ice then slipped beneath it. He did not resurface.”

Someone must take word to his father. I guess that task falls to me.”

How do you know these people, Peter?” asked the king.

Long ago, Sire, I was stalking a deer high in the mountains. I did not know a wolf pack was hunting too. We all charged at once. I had never seen another shapeshifter who was not one of us, and they had not seen any other except themselves. While we were looking each other over, the deer got up and ran away.” Peter smiled and chuckled softly at the memory.

Their leader stepped back and changed into a man, so I did also. They led me back to their camp and I spent several days learning to speak their language. It is very old and no other alive knows it, except their small band. They can also speak a dialect of Russian.


Okay, there’s a hint of what’s inside the covers of Children of the Wolf. Remember it’s preceded by Immortal Tigress.  e-book


All right, next time I’ll give you a few hints of what’s in book three of the series, which should be out soon.





New Year / New Chance

Hi folks,

It’s been a while since I’ve posted.  I confess I took a few weeks off over the solstice to clear my head and take some time with family. 2016 was a hard year for everybody, especially those of us who put far too much pressure on ourselves. Yes, last year I tried too hard and burned out. I’m getting too damned old for this high pressure thing. So, in that vein, here are the resolutions for 2017.

#1. put out four books. (Last year I trued for six, didn’t make it.)

#2. Be more sociable. (Last year I was a total hermit.)

#3. Take better care of myself, both physically and mentally. (Last year I neglected both.)

#4. Improve my writing skills. (This is standard every year.)


Okay, on to the goals for the year in the writing world. Yes, four new books, but also I hope to complete the upgrades on my older romance novels. We’ll be adding new covers, some new material, and new edits. In that vein, here’s the latest update, book five in the St. John’s Series. Nordic Desire, first published as Gudrun. Check out the new look and upgraded story here:



So, I’ll leave you with this. The world seems to be entering a dark time. Should my work reflect that with darker tales, or should I go for  more hopeful stories, or ??? I’m looking for options, and/or opinions. What do you think?



She’s Here!!!

Hi folks,

I gotta tell ya, I am seriously excited about this one. Book six of the Children of the Goddess series is now live. I’ve been waiting and hinting at this one for months.  Okay, shutting up now. Here she is and where to find her. She’s the Fallen Angel: The Dark Priestess.

Sometimes the pain is too great. Sometimes the desire for vengeance runs too deep. In the blink of an eye she changes. The Priestess of the dark known as the Fallen Angel is hunting now, killing. Nothing can stop her, not even the goddess who made her. Is she coming for you?



Get your copy today. I know I am, can’t wait to see this one on my bookshelf.

Happy reading.



Slow Start.

Hi folks,

Here’s how the latest story came to be the first in a new series. Rise of the queen began as a short story some time ago. I quite liked it and put it up on a free site for a while. I got numerous comments and e-mails all saying the same thing, “What happened next?” One day while trying to decide on the next project to work on, I got another request for more, and so it began.

So, what happened next? Check this out and see for yourself. 🙂

Rise of the Queen front


So there you have it. Yes, I’m already working on book two, along with several others. I guess I should make a list, shouldn’t I?

Anyway, it’s back to work for me. May your days be blessed with sunshine and smiling faces.



Too Many Projects.

Hi folks,

This past week has been somewhat crazy. I’ve spent most of my time working outside, but I have managed to squeeze in some writing.  The thing is, I’ve been trying to learn Scrivener and in the process I seem to have too many projects on the go, book six in the Children of the Goddess series, book two in the Elvish Chronicles, … what’s that? Oh yeah, the Elvish Chronicles is a new series that will debut later this month or early next. And last, but not lease, book three in the Children of the Wild series.  The closest to completion is book six of the Children of the Goddess series. for a few hints on what’s to come you can re-read Lady Blue:


For a sneak peek into book six, sign up for my newsletter. I plan to put a teaser or two in it and it should be out early next week. Sign on here:

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Haven’t read the series yet? Well get cracking. Start here:


Oh, and for those of you who prefer the romance to the action, our latest upgrade, Fortunate Fire, has been quite well received. Check it out here:

Fortunate Fire Front


Get your copy today.

So, that’s all for this time, folks. I hope you’re all having a stellar summer.

Bright Blessings


Attention writers: Vital Tip

Hi folks,

Today’s post is for all writers, especially for those just starting out. There are hundreds of courses, free how to books, websites and blogs out there with writing advice. Most of them are pretty good, but they all gloss over the most important thing of all for book sales. The cover.

Yes, I know what they say, you can’t judge a book by its cover. Maybe, but we all do it. All of us. Folks, if that cover doesn’t grab the readers attention in the first glance, they’ll pass you by, no matter how good your book is. I know this from experience, I have over fifty books in publication, some indie and some with a publisher. Books we thought would fly fell flat and some we didn’t expect much of sold well. By changing the cover we have actually turned a book that was being ignored into my best seller that spawned a series, my most successful series as yet.

My cover artist is Not a Brown Paper Sack. http://www.notabrownpapersack.com/  Here’s a few examples of her work:

Lady Blue by Prudence MacLeod    Lady Shadow Front  MacKendricks front  Lady Seeker Front  Old Family Mansion by Prudence MacLeod  Return from Exile front

Folks, I know how tight the budget for promoting your book can be and I know covers can cost, but this woman is quite reasonable and easy to work with. If it’s a choice of cover or promotions, go for the cover, you’ll be glad you did. So, click that link and check out her work. Contact the lady and talk to her about your project. Note, she also does promotional videos too.

I’ve been at this for a long time, folks. Trust me when I say, a good cover is worth a thousand ads. Over the long haul a cover will keep a book selling long after the initial push is over. Good luck and sell a million!



More writing Process

Hi folks,

I know, it’s long past time for another tale of how I wrote the tale. Today I want to tell you about Watcher and the Warrior. This book is the fifth in the Children of the Goddess series and it’s just gone live. Here they are:

Watcher and the Warrior Front


Don’t wait, get your copy now!

So, back to the writing of this story. This one happened pretty quick as it is basically a continuation of the Seeker story. I had the whole thing in my head when I wrote Seeker, so I just kept on going. It rarely happens this easy for me, so I took advantage and put in some long hours to get it finished before the summer slow down. (Gardening in the sun. 🙂

Okay, now, keep an eye on this blog because, later this week I’m going to let you in on a little secret to becoming a successful author. Seriously. Among the millions of tips and bits of advice out there, this one piece of truth is far too often neglected. Anyway, that’s for later.



More Writing Process

Hi folks,

It’s time to tell you about the writing of Lady Seeker now. This was an odd one for me. I had the story in my mind, but no main character. Usually, the character comes to me first then tells me her story. This one was so very different. I let it sit for a while, just making notes, but not having any clear vision for the girl. Finally, in the throes of panic  I began to write down events and traits from my own life. She began to come to life then. No, she’s not me and I’m not her, but we do share a few common traits and similar events in our backgrounds.

Lady Seeker Front


Get your copy today before the next book comes out. 🙂

Those of you who know me well will know which traits Lennie has gained from me, and which bits of life experience we share. However, her ease of finding things is not one of them, I lose stuff all the time.

Okay, now a teaser for you from Watcher and the Warrior.

Lacy scooped up her backpack and hurried out of the alley. She’d put up one hell of a fight, but she’d been finished and she knew it. Lady Blue. Her stalker was Lady Blue. Why? Why in the name of all the gods was that nightmare stalking her. Lacy had no fear of any human, she’d fight any who came along, but legend had it Lady Blue wasn’t human. She’d seen what the woman was capable of. That was not a fight Lacy was in a hurry to face.

Okay, that’s all you get until the book comes out in a few days from now. Enjoy!