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The Writer’s Block

Hi folks and family,

Well, it finally happened, my publisher caught me at a weak moment and talked me into being interviewed on The Writer’s Block, a feature of the Lesfic Reading Group.  Find it on Facebook here:  Lesfic Reading Group

Yes, that’s the look on my face when I realized what I’d done.  sigh  (Tee hee) This will be a live interview from 11:00 to 1:00 Saturday February 2nd/2019.  I believe that’s Central time.  Anyway, follow that link to check out the time.

So, if you’ve ever wondered about the reclusive Prudence MacLeod, come join the fun, ask me anything, learn far more than you really wanted to, find out what I’m up to next, and more.

See you there! 🙂



Black Friday Adventures, or Abandoned City

Hi folks,

Yep, went to the city on Friday instead of hiding out.  My lady had a medical appointment, so off we went. It was spooky as hell.  I drove along normally busy streets, but there was no traffic.  Bemused, I remarked upon it.

“Look at the parking lots.”  That observation from Lady K showed me where everyone was.  I swear, there wasn’t an empty parking spot in the entire city.  However, that didn’t last.  By two o’clock there was utter gridlock everywhere.  I swear, if I was a student again I’d be working up a thesis on this phenomenon.

So, for the next week we’ll be hiding out and recouping from that exhausting trip.  I’ll be working on the next book in the Forgotten Worlds Series.  I’m really enjoying these stories, and actually wondering who or what these characters will bump into next.  If you haven’t yet read ECHO, here’s where to find her:


What?  You want a peek into the current WIP?  Read ECHO, the first chapter of JAKE is included. hehehe  I know, I know.  As soon as I get the first draft done I’ll start posting teasers, I promise.

So, until next time,



Caregiver Fatigue

Hey folks,

Yes, caregiver fatigue is a thing.  I was warned to watch for it, but that wasn’t necessary, it walked up and smacked me between the eyes.  The deal is simple, there’s the extra effort required to assist someone in recovery, plus double the chores at home, and the thing is, there’s no way you can keep up.

That’s the hard part, admitting to yourself you can’t do it all, you just can’t.  So, having accepted that I can’t get it all done, I’ve chosen to ignore a few things.  (Excessively large dust bunnies, towering weeds in the garden, etc.)  Instead I have squeezed out a few minutes to write each day.

On that note, rejoice, for the Sequel to SUVI will soon be here.  All edits and rewrites are finished and we’re working on a cover.  So, here’s SUVI and where to find her, as well as a peek into the opening pages of ECHO.


Excerpt from ECHO:

Chapter #1

Final Entry

Struggling to draw breath, Morthel forced down the well of sorrow and fear.  Gently patting the cold dead form of her lover, she fought to draw breath and continue her diary entry.  “Antha has gone now, she has not drawn a breath for some time, and she grows cold.  I’m the last survivor.

“It’s only been a day since the asteroid hit the planet, stripping away much of the atmosphere and pushing us out in the system to a deeper orbit.  The power has failed, and the cold of space is creeping in.

“The collision destroyed two-thirds of the fleet, so only a chosen few could leave the planet.  Even though thousands were killed by the quakes, some people still had to remain behind. I lost the draw of lots, and sweet Antha wouldn’t go without me.  She stayed with me and so we will lie here, side by side for all eternity.

“I hope someone will find this diary one day and know by it all the joys of the colony, and of its sudden and unexpected demise.”  She pulled her dead lover closer as the racking cough from breathing the frozen atmosphere took her life, the diary still gripped tightly in a hand that no longer trembled from the cold.

Time passed, and the broken colony lay quiet on the surface of a planet that could no longer sustain life.  Ages rolled by while the small shelters gazed toward the sparkling stars, the feeble light of the now distant sun no longer able to warm the planet.  Eventually, even the beacons failed and stopped sending out their pleas for help, dust settled, and bodies disappeared beneath it.

Eons passed before the silent shelters felt another footstep, but these were larger feet of a different species, and even if the machines had power, the strange new voices would not have been able to activate them.


So there you go, good readers.  We’re hoping for a release in early November, but nothing has been nailed down there as yet.  Anyway, I hope this has whetted your appetite for more SUVI stories.   If you have already read and enjoyed SUVI, could you help me out by dropping a review on Amazon?  And if you haven’t read it yet, well, get cracking before the sequel comes out.

Until next time


Lady Blue

Hi folks,

Sometimes life brings you unexpected surprises.  Recently my better half had two heart attacks and two open heart surgeries, in two days.  Two weeks later she developed a blood clot in her lung.  She is on the mend now, making slow but steady progress back to the force of nature she truly is.

However, as you might guess, her care plus the added chores she always did for the family have fallen to me, cutting deeply into my writing time.  Now, imagine my surprise and delight to find one of my books, and the rest of the series, enjoying a renewed level of success.  Here’s the latest review for Lady Blue.

“This is such a great action/love story book. I can’t wait to read the next one. I wasn’t really sure about this but there is nothing but action action action.”


And just for luck, here’s another of the reviews for Lady Blue.

“Absolutely loved this book, literally did not put it down till I had finished it…..really spiked my interest as I am a spiritual person and believe in the goddesses. Will definitely be looking out for any more books by Prudence MacLeod.”

So, here’s me saying thank you to everybody who bought and enjoyed Lady Blue, because of you I’ve been able to keep the family afloat during this difficult time.  I love each and every one of you.




Hi folks,

If you’re like me you like to binge read a series.   I think my first real binge read was Lord of the Rings, way back in the late 60’s.  I know I’ve done it many times since.  Lately I’ve noticed a few folks must be binging on my Children of the Goddess series.  Yes, every heroine in that series was used, abused, and bullied, and more in the beginning.  Most of us were, so I guess I put a bit more of myself into those books than I thought.

Curious?  Find them here starting with Lady Blue.


Okay, I’ll confess, there’s a story arc that plays out over all seven books, but each book has a satisfactory  conclusion, no cliffhangers.  So, happy binging.

Until next time



Hi folks,

I’ve told you of my beloved’s heart attack.  In reality it was two heart attacks, two open heart surgeries, in two days, yet she beat it.  Lady K is now at home and on the mend.  For some reason today she decided to hijack my blog to tell you about the rise of a writer she knows well.  Here’s Lady K:

“Over twenty years ago, I watched as Prudence MacLeod gingerly navigated the keyboard of her first desktop personal computer. She was anxious to embrace the new technology to help her bring her stories to life.

Each day when I came home from work, her smiling face would be a signal that there were freshly written pages for me to peruse. I fell in love with those first characters and was anxious to read their full story. When I reached the end of her day’s work, I often found myself trying to scroll further. She always got a kick out of that and of watching my face as I read.

Over the years Pru has honed her skills as a writer. What has remained constant is her desire to tell stories about ordinary people who do extraordinary things.  As a former powerlifting coach, Pru knows that most people underestimate what they are truly capable of and sometimes place barriers in their own way. She also knows that when you show people how to kick down those barriers, their world enlarges and how they see themselves is forever changed.


Pru also understands that when people can see themselves in a story, the experience of reading becomes empowering. This is why she chooses to write about characters who have been abused, who come from disadvantaged backgrounds, are LGBTQ2, are a person of color, etc. When you can see at least bits of yourself in the story, reading isn’t just about entertainment, but becomes an exercise in having your own notions of limitations and barriers challenged as the everyday heroine finds ways to realize her own dreams and potential, often through the most unusual of circumstances.


The genres, settings and characters may change from book to book, but the key messages always remain: you are enough, you are capable and you are worthy.  Her goal is to tell stories that entertain but also leave you with something to help you along your own path.


So, for action packed stories featuring everyday heroes, check out Prudence MacLeod’s stories. You won’t be disappointed!  Here’s the link:      Amazon

Thank you for that glowing description, my love, and thank you for staying on this plane with me so I can continue to tell you my stories.

Until next time, folks.


Summer Reads

Hi folks,

If you’re like me, you like to hide from the mid-day heat with a shady spot and a good book.  Here are some great series to help you while away a few sweltering afternoons.

For urban fantasy, choose The Children of the Goddess Series; start with Lady Blue:


For science fiction, try the Novan Witch Series; start with the Novan Witch:

Novan Witch by Prudence MacLeod


For fans of fantasy, there the Elvish Chronicles; start with Rise of the Queen:


Okay, that’s just a few samples of what we have to offer.  Yes, there’s more.  If you want to start on a brand new series just getting started, check out SUVI.


So, that’ll get your summer started.  Next time I’ll give you a few more samples.  Until then, happy reading!  🙂



Thank You

Hi folks,

Today I want to say thank you for helping to make SUVI my most successful book to date.  Thank you for the support, thank you for the help, and to those of you who took the time to  read and review the book, a double thanks.  Yes, even to the guy who gave it a two star rating.

SUVI was one of those books that demanded to be written.  I sat up late to write, got up early to continue, and couldn’t truly rest until I’d told the story.  Well, the beginning of the story, there’s lots more to come.  (Book two is well under way.)

Now, for the rest of you beautiful people out there, if you haven’t already read and reviewed SUVI,  here’s where to find her:

SUVI e-book and more

So, once again a huge thank you to you all, and keep your eyes open cause I’ll soon be telling you about some other great authors, plus there’s a new Lady Hawk adventure on the horizon. (yes, and a new SUVI story too.)



About Me, A Few of My Thoughts


Hi folks,

I believe that ordinary people are capable of remarkable feats.  I’ve always believed that given the right circumstances people can tap into the well of limitless possibilities. I saw this more than once as an athlete and coach many years ago.  I’ve seen it more recently through the anecdotes people post on social media.

Despite this, we are all inundated with negativity and bad news stories every day. And this has seeped into entertainment as television series have become darker, filled with tragedy and angst-ridden plots that drag on season after season.

This is not my idea of entertainment and I’m betting it isn’t yours either.  I want to offer you something different and invite you to find out more about me and the stories I tell….

For example, this, my latest book:


Now, here’s what a couple of folks think of my storytelling.:

Great addition to the Children of the wild series. I was hoping you would add an herbivore (that’s not an insane elk) to your were family. What a fun story. Please keep them coming.

Keep putting out the children of the wild series love them. Ronnie and Igor are great along with Derek and Jillian. It’s nice to see the other characters as well. Can’t wait to see what comes next in the wild series and I have no problem recommending this book to my friends.


So, my point is, there’s a few folks out there who like a story with a more upbeat ending.  How about you, do you prefer happy endings, or do you prefer dark and foreboding cliffhangers?  Drop a comment, let me know what you really like.


Price Drop!

Hey Folks,

Just wanted to let you know we’ve dropped a couple of bucks off the price of a Prudence MacLeod novel.  The idea here is to make the back list more accessible for those of you wanting to collect full a series.   Here’s a good place to start:


This book sets the stage for and is the beginning of the Children of the Wild series.  So, if you like vampires, werewolves and more, get started now.  There are five books in the series with book six on the way.  Race the Wind (book 6) should be out early next week, so you avid readers like me have a chance to catch up.

Once again, my entire back list has been dramatically reduced in price.  Okay, now here’s the peek into Race the Wind.

The sun was just setting as the hawk spiraled down and morphed into the woman right beside Merle as he walked from the barn to the house.  “Jesus woman,” he exclaimed.

“Hey, Merle.”

“Girl, you look like hell.”

“Really?  I’m standing here, buck naked, and you say I look like shit?  I’m hurt, Merle.”

“What?  No, tired, I mean tired.  You look exhausted.”

“Nice recovery, Slick.”

She was grinning, and he blushed to his roots.  “You’re as bad as the rest of them.  Git in that house and get some clothes on.  Git.”


Okay, that it for now.  Go shopping, read a book, and I’ll see you next time.