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A Slippery Slope

Hi folks,

Let me tell you of my adventures last week. First we had snow, that turned to rain for a while, then it turned bitter cold to freeze everything solid, and then it snowed again. Got the idea? One hell of a lot of sheer ice with a layer of power snow on top. Yep, and it was just such a thing that cause me to fall and break my ribs last year. I’m just now feeling back to my old self.


So, back to a few days ago and the perfect set up for a repeat performance. Sunny morning, three hopeful furry faces looking at me imploringly. Yep, I gave in, put the dogs aboard the old car and headed for the woods road. Should be all right, right? Right. I parked and let them out. They raced away up the road. I pulled out my new toy, a pair of walking poles. I’d heard good things about using walking poles, and since I got a pair for Christmas, I was game for a go at it.


Two steps onto that road and I knew there was trouble. Carefully brushing aside the snow I discovered the entire road was solid ice beneath the snowy powder. I tried to call the dogs in, but they were having none of that. So, with trembling heart, I poked around with a pole. It slid away like a skate. Further poking and I hit something, frozen dirt. I took a step. Using the poles to find the footing I managed to make my way up the half mile plus slope and back down again. Yes, I slipped, many times, but using the poles kept me on my feet. They let me catch my balance where, without the extra support, I would surely have fallen. I have to say, these things are remarkable. Loving my new walking poles.


Now for the ROW80 check-in


The target for this round is 60K words on the new WIP. The count currently stands at 27K. It’s been a productive week.  Also this week I have written the synopsis for my next release, made the editorial fixes, and set up a teaser. We also changed the title from Shapeshifter to Children of the Wolf.

Yup, busy week.

Here’s hoping each and every one of you managed to out-do me this week.