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Hi folks,

I’ve been promising you something new for months now, and here it is at long last. This one took a long time to write as it touched a few soft spots. Check it out here and see what you think.

Yes, there’s a lot of my life experience in this one, but what parts? I’ll never tell. tee hee hee

Okay, as I’ve said before as I was getting this one ready, this was a tough one and I truly hope you like it.

So, until next time,



In The Works

Hi folks,

Last post I gave you a hint at the current project I’m working on. There’s a bit more to it, as you might have guessed.The story revolves around a woman who dares to rise up and fight back, but there’s always more than one battle to fight. The battle within is always the hardest.

“Even when you crawl out of the darkness, a piece of it comes with you. Even when you defeat the darkness within, it too will rise up again, for that battle will never end. To survive that fight you not only need strength and courage, you need allies.”

We’re putting the final touches on the manuscript now. Trying not to rush this one, I want to get it right. I’ll keep you in the loop as we progress.

Speaking of Progress, a gifted young artist is getting involved with the cover. You can check out and contact Perin through their FB page here: https://www.facebook.com/perin.squires

Okay, heading back to work now.




Hi folks,

If you’re like me you like to binge read a series.   I think my first real binge read was Lord of the Rings, way back in the late 60’s.  I know I’ve done it many times since.  Lately I’ve noticed a few folks must be binging on my Children of the Goddess series.  Yes, every heroine in that series was used, abused, and bullied, and more in the beginning.  Most of us were, so I guess I put a bit more of myself into those books than I thought.

Curious?  Find them here starting with Lady Blue.


Okay, I’ll confess, there’s a story arc that plays out over all seven books, but each book has a satisfactory  conclusion, no cliffhangers.  So, happy binging.

Until next time