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Turning Green

Hi Folks,

Well, we’ve had a couple of days of rain and our world is turning green. The rain is also helping the seeds to germinate. All, from a gardeners perspective, it’s a good thing.

ROW80 Check-in:

From a writer’s perspective the rain isn’t a bad thing either. I’ve had some time to catch up on things. I’ve managed 3500 words in the past two days as well as catching up a bit on the housework. Life is good. I will attempt to add another 1500 words or more this coming week. Wish me luck!

Oh, and Lady Blue has had an upgrade, another edit, and a new cover. She should reappear on the shelves very soon. Here’s a peek at the new cover:


New Stuff From Down On The Farm

Hi Folks,

It’s check in day and there’s lots to tell you. We’ve had several nice days in a row and the farm has been busy. The greenhouse is hopping, but it’s the strawberry bed I want to show you today. Here it is full of happy strawberry plants and their buddies, chives. Yes, buddies. Both plants grow well together and keep the bugs off each other.

Strawberries enjoying the sun.

And all tucked in at night protected from the frost.

As you can see two more raised beds are now ready and waiting for new tenants as well.

Okay, that’s it for the outdoors, now for the indoors (writing) We finally have the re-release of Empire’s Advance in both e-book and paperback. I’m also quite thrilled with the new cover. Here’s where to find it.

 Now, on to the ROW80 check-in:

Sadly, all these sunny days seems to channel my energy into outdoor activities. I need a rainy day to catch up on my writing. I only managed about 700 words this week. It bothers me when I don’t hit my mark, so I will take another shot at the thousand word mark this coming week.

Wish me luck.


Ice is BAD

Especially when it hides under a skiff of snow… This is Charis, folks. I hijacked Pru’s blog. 

Why you ask? Because Pru had an argument with gravity, and gravity added ice to the fight. Poor thing went down hard and we’ve tucked her into a chair with lots of pillows. (I can’t prove it, she won’t let me take pics of her in pain…)

Hamming it up last winter

It’s been a week now, and the verdict is in. At least one cracked rib. Needless to say, sitting to the keyboard for long enough to write a cohesive post is kinda outta the question. 

Being the stubborn (and possibly bored) soul that she is, she pops in long enough to let ya’ll know she’s still kickin’ but don’t expect an overabundance of interaction for a few weeks at least. 

In the mean time, she is really excited about her latest release and would really love it if she got more reviews on it 🙂  
We are also working on cover art for Hunter and Novan Witch, which will be the next releases in paperback from Shadoe Publishing! 

I will pop back in periodically and keep you up to date until she can get back to her usual blogging self. Have a great day folks!

50 Shades of White

Hi Folks,

Fifty shades of white? Yep, we got snowed in this week, did you guess? When I lived in the arctic I was told the Inuit have at least that many different words for snow. I believe it. So, I got us dug out then went next door to help the neighbors. I have a snowblower, they don’t.

Anyway, as I sit here, stiff shoulders aching and old knee throbbing, I count my blessings. The shoulders tell me I am alive and have worked hard, the knee says there’s another storm coming. Of course there is, it is February. Blessings? Yes indeed. I am 65 and healthy, able to do this work and enjoy it. So very many are not.

Now, let me remind you of my new book, Hell Comes Home. If you like thrillers with a dash of romance, give this one a try. Here’s the first review of the book.
This review is from: Hell Comes Home (Kindle Edition)

I started this book the second I bought it and couldn’t put it down. The determined and headstrong main character along with the unique theme had me riveted until the last page.”
So, now on to a ROW80 check in:

I did manage four thousand words this week along with all the other fun winter stuff. I am pleased with that. I will shoot for another five this coming week and see how close I can get.

Okay, it’s a perfect day for walking dogs out there and I’m being paged. Here’s hoping you all are healthy and successful in this coming week.


Dear Mr. Ford

Today I was up before the birds, choked down a fast breakfast (prepared for me by K) and hit the road. The truck had to be in at the Ford dealer for a regular check-up. I made the trip to the city in plenty of time and arrived early at the dealer. Then I sat waiting for the service to be done.
As I sat waiting I had a feeling of doom settle over me. Soon I saw the man coming toward me with a pile of papers in his hand. “Ma’am, there’s a problem.” Saw that one coming. Somehow every time a woman takes a vehicle to a dealer there’s a problem.
“Tell me.”
“Well, when the technician tried to remove the back wheel to inspect the brakes, there was a difficulty. He forced the wheels off and found corroded parts inside, several of which had broken as he forced off the wheel.”
“The vehicle will be kept here for a week while parts come from the USA. The bill will be just under $1000.00.”
“I have an extended warranty.”
“It expired yesterday.”
“You won’t honor that warranty?”
“No, it expired yesterday.”
Okay, so now he’s messed up my day big time, here’s where I started messing with his. “All right, young man, here’s what is going to happen. My truck was working fine when I came in. You took it apart and broke some of the pieces, now you want me to pay? Wrong. Put my vehicle back together, I am leaving.”
“Ma’am, you don’t understand, it won’t go back together. It’s broken.”
“Your problem, sonny, not mine. Put it back together now.”
“It won’t be safe to drive.”
“Apparently, none of your products are safe to drive. I may have to get the brakes fixed, but Ford is not doing the work unless you honor the warranty.”
“It expired yesterday.”
“So put my truck back together so I can take it elsewhere.”
This conversation went on for a while, but in the end, they put it back together without back brakes or an emergency brake and I left. Someone will get paid to fix those brakes, but unless Ford is willing to step up, it won’t be them.
So, folks, I leave you with this little song called Dear Mr. Ford. In my humble opinion, it says it all.
So ladies, have you ever had the service man come to you with that look on his face like he going to tell you your car has terminal cancer?

Wednesday check-in ROW80

I’ve had a wild and crazy two weeks, but that’s what keeps life interesting. At least that’s what I’m telling myself these days. It would have been so very easy to just put aside the writing and get everything else done, but you know what? You never get it all done, ever. So, in that vein, I managed what I could and actually am doing Ok so far this week.
On to the goals:
1.      Blog twice each week over and above my ROW80 check-ins
I believe I did manage one post, but if not I will get in two extras.
2.      Continue to read and comment on the blogs of my fellow writers
This I did manage to get done. Not only that, I managed to get the damned WP membership thing straightened out so I can comment on your blogs without so much hassle. Bonus.
3.      Write at least 2K words on a WIP each week
Ok, I’ve got one K down, one more to go.
4.      I set out to publish six novels this year. I managed three last round, and two more between rounds, so that leaves me with one more novel to publish. I will see if I can get it out this round.
I have one almost ready for the editor, so I’m right on track here.
5.      Read and review two or more first novels by new writers this round
I’m quite lost here. If any of you have a first or second novel you want me to read, or if you have a suggestion, please let me know.
6.      Publish two or more short works (between five and twenty five thousand words
I’ve got the first of these ready to go. I just need a cover for it and I can put it up.
Well, that’s it for me folks, how are you all doing with your targets?

ROW80 check-in #9

Hi folks. It is time for the ROW80 check-in, but first, I have had several requests for the story of my first and only swimming lesson, so here it is.
Swimming Lesson
It was over forty-five years ago that I had my first swimming lesson. It wasn’t planned. A bright sunny day called me to the lake shore. The sun was warm, the beaches crawling with people of all ages. It was the perfect place for a young single like me.
I strolled along the sandy beach, enjoying the warmth and dodging the racing hordes of small children. The delicious smells of busy barbecues filled the air. It was nice, a perfect day.
About this point some demon of idiocy convinced me to stroll along the docks that ran well out into the deep waters.  What the hell was I thinking? Like all fools I wasn’t thinking at all. I just accepted that I was safe and that nothing bad could possibly happen to me, ever. I was soon disabused of that silly notion.
There was a group of teenage boys chasing each other along the dock, pushing each other into the water. As they went by, two of the grabbed me and threw me in. I remember screaming as I flew through the air. I gulped in as much air as I could as the water enveloped my body, closing in over my head.
I struggled against the water, but only sank faster so I stopped. I could see the sunlight well above me and so I made a wide sweeping motion with my arms. I moved. Thrilled with that bit of progress I tried again and again.  Just as my lungs were about to give out, my head cleared the surface.
My wide sweeping motions were moving me slowly but I was tiring quickly. I began to kick with my legs too and managed to make it to the rocky shore. Scrambling and staggering up the beach, I found a grassy spot in the sun to dry out. As I was lying there, enjoying the sun on my face, I sensed someone beside me. It was one of the boys who had thrown me in.
“You sure don’t swim very good,” he remarked as he flopped down beside me.
“That was my first lesson.”
“You can’t swim? Oh Jesus, I’m sorry…”
“Not half as sorry as you will be if you ever try that again. I’ll kick you so hard you’ll be wearing your balls for a bowtie. Now bugger off.”
He slunk away and I lay there running it all over in my mind. Finally I rose, walked back down the beach and into the water. Once the water was up past my waist I leaned into it and used my wide sweeping frog motion to slowly propel myself along parallel to the beach. I practiced until I had no strength left.
To this day I still swim with the frog style. It isn’t pretty, but it keeps me afloat and I ask no more than that. So there you have it, my first and only swimming lesson.
So how about you? Where or how did you learn to swim?
Ok, now for those pesky ROW80 goals.
One: Write something at least five times or more each week.
I struggled here a bit, but I managed.
Two: Write a minimum of 2500 on my WIP words each week.
I`m way behind here, but I will catch up before Sunday.
Three: Publish at least six new novels in 2012.
Third round of edits is finished. I expect to get two novels out this month or next.
Four: Read and review six or more first novels by new authors. (I don’t give bad reviews, so don’t panic, I’m friendly, honest. J
Just finished Stone Relics by Katy Walters. I owe this one a review. Check it out.  https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/125390
Five: do more to be supportive of new and struggling writers.
Doing my best here. I`m pleased so far.
Six: Publish a small collection of erotic short stories. Hey, I’ve been around for over sixty years, and this one is on my bucket list. I will make it happen in 2012.
I have several in first draft now. Working… This is such a tease isn’t it? It will happen in March at the latest.
Ok, that’s about it for today folks. How is it going for you? Did you hit your targets? Let me know how it went for you.
My book about Vampires will soon be ready for publication. The first draft of the first chapter is here. https://www.prudencemacleod.com/p/immortal-tigress.html  check it out.