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A Slippery Slope

Hi folks,

Let me tell you of my adventures last week. First we had snow, that turned to rain for a while, then it turned bitter cold to freeze everything solid, and then it snowed again. Got the idea? One hell of a lot of sheer ice with a layer of power snow on top. Yep, and it was just such a thing that cause me to fall and break my ribs last year. I’m just now feeling back to my old self.


So, back to a few days ago and the perfect set up for a repeat performance. Sunny morning, three hopeful furry faces looking at me imploringly. Yep, I gave in, put the dogs aboard the old car and headed for the woods road. Should be all right, right? Right. I parked and let them out. They raced away up the road. I pulled out my new toy, a pair of walking poles. I’d heard good things about using walking poles, and since I got a pair for Christmas, I was game for a go at it.


Two steps onto that road and I knew there was trouble. Carefully brushing aside the snow I discovered the entire road was solid ice beneath the snowy powder. I tried to call the dogs in, but they were having none of that. So, with trembling heart, I poked around with a pole. It slid away like a skate. Further poking and I hit something, frozen dirt. I took a step. Using the poles to find the footing I managed to make my way up the half mile plus slope and back down again. Yes, I slipped, many times, but using the poles kept me on my feet. They let me catch my balance where, without the extra support, I would surely have fallen. I have to say, these things are remarkable. Loving my new walking poles.


Now for the ROW80 check-in


The target for this round is 60K words on the new WIP. The count currently stands at 27K. It’s been a productive week.  Also this week I have written the synopsis for my next release, made the editorial fixes, and set up a teaser. We also changed the title from Shapeshifter to Children of the Wolf.

Yup, busy week.

Here’s hoping each and every one of you managed to out-do me this week.



Good Stuff Happening

Hi folks,

We’re closing in on the launch date for our latest book, Claimstake. We’re shooting for September 22nd and I don’t see any reason we shouldn’t make it.
Claimstake is the fourth book in the Nova series. In it I have dealt with a couple of bad guys life has thrown at me. No, not in real life, but in World of Warcraft. I have changed these guys a bit and wrote them in just to deal with their bad attitude. Hehehe… If you’re a player, you will probably recognize a couple of small details that give me away as somewhat addicted to the game.

All right, it’s teaser time. A warrior woman with a patch over one eye walks into a mess hall followed by a large green alien. No one has ever seen an alien before…
Several people were already in the kitchen enjoying a meal when Deann entered followed by Krak’sul and the three hunters, one grizzled old fellow and two females. The room fell silent and everyone stared. Sensing the unease of the Greens, Deann spoke up. 
“What are you all staring at? Is it my eye patch? Is it?”

She turned to Krak’sul. “They’re staring at my patch, aren’t they?”

“It must be the patch, Lady Death. There is nothing else unusual here.”

“Maybe it’s my scar,” she said as she turned back to the room. “Is that it? Is it my scar?”

“It’s not your scar,” said Tarah as he squeezed past the Greens to grab a plate and start filling it, “it’s your nipples showing through that shirt. They sure got my attention.” 

There were a few nervous snickers as she put her fists on her hips and glared at him.
Okay, that’s enough of a peek for now; I’ll give you another look between the covers next week. Now on to the ROW80 check-in.

I spent a lot of time this past week working on the studio extension, but I did manage to get some writing done. I touched on three different stories before settling on the sequel to Hunter as my next writing project. I managed to get four thousand words written on it this week.

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